Call for Papers: Collection of Essays on 21st-Century Fiction and the City for Caesura—Journal of Philological and Humanistic Studies

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December 23, 2022
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Caesura—Journal of Philological and Humanistic Studies
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Call For Papers

Caesura—Journal of Philological and Humanistic Studies

Special Issue: 21st century Fiction and the City

Guest editor: Prof. Mavis Tseng


Call for Papers: Collection of Essays on 21st-Century Fiction and the City


We are seeking contributions by scholars from any relevant discipline to the academic, peer-reviewed journal Caesura’s next issue (Spring 2023), focusing on 21st-Century fiction’s engagement with the city. Please send a 500-word abstract, along with a brief c.v. to by December 23, 2022. The full draft of the essay, between 5000-7000 words will be due February 15, 2023. 


This special issue aims to examine the dynamic and reciprocal relation between novels and the city in the 21st century. How does the literary character negotiate his/her place in the metropolis as an observer, a participant, or a wanderer? How are the urban space, material world, consumer culture, gender, and class represented? How does the novel self-consciously set themselves the theme and the task of reading the city? How do the real and imagined cities reflect each other? How does the nature of city contribute to the novel thematically as well as aesthetically? How does the novel illustrate the urban mentality in the 21st century?


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Mavis Tseng

Associate Professor

Director of the Language Center

Taipei Medical University


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