Growth and Resistance: Exploring Tensions, Conflicts, and the Emergence of Identity in the Humanities

deadline for submissions: 
January 27, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
The Acacia Group CSU Fullerton

2023 Acacia Group Annual Academic Conference

California State University, Fullerton

Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th


“To be free comes not from changing or fixing this world, but from seeing this world as it is and opening the heart in the midst of it.” J. Krishnamurti


We often find ourselves being encouraged toward ideas of growth, whether individually, academically, or culturally: expanding into new mindsets and improving upon past circumstances. Our histories are taught with the hope of betterment for the future, our studies are done in pursuit of breaking new ground, and our daily lives are organized by ideas for personal productivity and progress. There is certainly a foundational, essential aspect of hope in our conceptions of growth—in the shared human desire to improve and to see the world become a more sustainable, matured place. For this year’s conference, we’re interested in how people have explored growth in literature, in ways we have seen—and are seeing today— growth in genres and language, and how people are currently working to comprehend growth as a social and political effort.


However, we are also interested in exploring growth’s partner: resistance. As disruption to our habit of hoping, what do we do with refusal, apathy, and conflict? How does this strengthen an effort toward progress—and change our narratives or conceptions about that growth itself? This conference aims to address these questions and encourages students to reckon with the essential, intrinsic relationship of resistance when efforts toward advancement are made. What forms does resistance take? Who does the resisting? In what ways has this played a role in our histories, our stories, and our language(s)… and in what ways, importantly, are we seeing this continue and shift in our world today?

For this event, we are looking for academic and/or creative presentations from graduates, undergraduates, doctoral students, or professors from any discipline that will explore ideas around growth and/or resistance. While the Acacia Group is an English literature/language based organization, we are open to creative writing and focused projects from other disciplines. The following questions are a sampling of potential avenues for further inquiry: What defines growth, and how is it marked? What constitutes resistance and what is the significance of that resistance? In what ways does growth and resistance define storytelling? What is compelling about growth in a novel through character development, plot, or in contrast how does resistance appear in text? In what ways does resistance challenge, complicate, or inform growth?  How does literature mark growth or regression? Is regression a form of growth?

Submitting Abstracts 

For academic presentations, please send a 200 to 300 word abstract as a .doc or .pdf attachment totheacaciagroup.csuf@gmail.comby Friday, January 27, 2023. In your email, please include your name, institution, and academic standing (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral student, professor, or independent scholar). Please include a brief third person bio of up to 50 words. If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to confirm your commitment to attend the conference and, at least ten days before the conference, to email a draft or outline of your presentation to your panel coordinator. Each presenter will be given 10 to 12 minutes to present at the conference. To propose a panel, please send a 200 to 300-word panel explanation as a .doc or .pdf attachment, including its title, topic, and format, as well as the abstracts for each presentation, listing each presenter’s name, institution, and academic standing. 

**Conference will be held in person. Participants are required to abide by CDC guidelines of social distancing and face coverings due to COVID-19, pending Orange County and California State University, Fullerton guidelines at the time of the event.**


About the Acacia Group: 

We are a California State University, Fullerton organization designed specifically for students pursuing graduate studies in English. Throughout the year we host academic/pedagogical development workshops, informative panels from alumni and professors, writing group sessions, and our annual academic conference every Spring. The Acacia Group works to offer opportunities for students to obtain invaluable information that will facilitate their educational experience and help build their academic curriculum vitae. While you do not have to be a member to participate in our conferences or other events, official membership with the Acacia Group offers additional distinction and discounted access to merchandise/conference food. If you are a CSUF English graduate student interested in joining, please email Thank you!