The 7th Annual Global Souths Conference

deadline for submissions: 
January 23, 2023
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EGSA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
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The 7th Annual Global Souths Conference

An Interdisciplinary Conference organized by the English Graduate Student Association, University of Louisiana at Lafayette



Conference Theme: “Face to Place”

March 23-25, 2023 ● University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana


The Global Souths Conference seeks proposals for its 2023 gathering, with its theme of “Face to Place.” We feel it is especially important because people are, once again, gathering face to face following years of isolation. “Face to Place” em- phasizes the building and rebuilding of connections and communities collectively, spatially, and environmentally. As communities begin interacting face-to-face again, physical place and bodies take on greater importance than has been the case the last few years. That place-based and corporeal element of life requires adapting to the return of in-person events, classes, and other engagements. As such, rebuilding communities in the wake of COVID-based isolation is integral to current experience.

In connection to this theme, we are especially interested in proposals that deal with the fol- lowing topics:

  • Historical and modern connections between communities and the environment

  • Impacts of social groups and on the environment and its preservation

  • Impacts of urban expansion on nature spaces

  • Place-based folklore and its impacts on folk groups and identity

  • Media’s impact on communities’ conceptions of space, place, and physical interaction

  • Shifts and trends in social dynamics, especially for in-person gatherings

  • Digital communities and potential transitions from digital to physical presences

  • Social media and its impacts on physical place and space

  • Collective trauma, responses to it, and its impact on physical spaces

  • Community activism and organization

  • COVID-related effects on social groups and physical locations

    We invite scholars — especially graduate students — to submit critical and creative pro- posals that explore these topics. We encourage complete panel submissions, as well as indi- vidual paper abstracts. The deadline for proposals is Monday, January 23 2023, and they should be emailed as PDFs to If you need AV equipment or ac- commodations, please include this information in your email with your proposal submis- sion.

    About the Conference: Global Souths is a three-day interdisciplinary conference that aims to explore the connection between the southern U.S. and the Global Souths. The South is more than a place: it is a point of connection, a nexus of ideas exceeding geographical and ideologi- cal boundaries. As an interdisciplinary conference, we are open to all subject areas, especially the humanities, the arts, history, and social sciences. In general, we accept proposals that deal with the following topics:

  • Challenging notions of “Global North/South”

  • Regionalism, regional identity, and their complications

  • Regional history, literature, art, folklore, and demographics

  • The language of global and regional identity

  • Pedagogy in the wake of globalization

  • War, revolution, and generational trauma

  • Race and ethnicity, and their relationship to place and history

  • Anticolonial and anti-racist movements

  • Global- and Southern-focused gender and queer studies

  • Activism and social justice

  • Environment and sustainability efforts

  • Urban development and gentrification