CFP: "Health" (The Humanities Center at Texas Tech Annual Conference in the Humanities, Lubbock, TX, April 28-29, 2023)

deadline for submissions: 
January 16, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Humanities Center at Texas Tech
contact email: 

The Humanities Center at Texas Tech Annual Conference 2023:


Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

April 28-29, 2023


Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Rebekah Lee,

Associate Professor of African Studies,

Oxford University

Author of Health, Healing and Illness in African History (2021) &

African Women and Apartheid: Gender and Urbanisation in Southern Africa (2009)


Dr. Gail L. Carlson,

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies,

Colby College

Author of Human Health and the Climate Crisis (2022)


The Humanities Center at Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas) announces its call for papers for our Annual Conference in the Humanities, to be held in Lubbock over April 28-29, 2023. The conference topic each year aligns with the Center's annual theme, which for 2022-2023 is “Health.” We are interested in papers that engage scholarly conversations about health and wellness across any of the following disciplines: art, literature, rhetoric, communication, history, film and media, music, philosophy, law, digital humanities, museum and/or archival studies, critical race studies, ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, design, and education.  This list, in keeping with the Humanities Center’s expansive mission, is open-ended.

The Center's vision of the humanities is a broad one and we encourage presentations and panels that rethink disciplinary boundaries and traditional academic research. That said, we also welcome work that reflects a comprehensive historical scope.  This conference aims to bring together an international group of scholars to interrogate what it means to “be healthy” and to care for health in a more global sense.  We will host conversations that engage these concerns through time and across modes of inquiry in the humanities.

The TTU Humanities Center welcomes abstracts for individual papers as well as proposals for fully formed panels that address these or other related issues. Potential speakers should send an abstract of 300 words and a brief CV (no more than 2 pages) highlighting work relevant to the topic at hand. Scholars proposing a panel should provide an abstract of no more than 500 words and include a list of contributors (with the titles of their papers) as well as brief CVs (no more than 2 pages) for each.  We will consider online presentations for those scholars who are prevented from attending in person.

Abstracts and panel proposals should be submitted to by January 16, 2023 with all documents contained in a single PDF. In the subject line of your submission, please use the format "HEALTHConference/YOUR NAME/YOUR PROPOSAL or ABSTRACT TITLE" (e.g., HEALTHConference/Smith/HealthAndSocialJustice) as the subject line in your email. We will make decisions as soon as possible after that in order to ensure sufficient time for participants to make travel arrangements.