International Conference on EXILE

deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Sousse, Tunisia

International Conference on "Exile" 

(Online and in-person)

2-4 May 2023 

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Sousse, Tunisia 

Exile as a broad term denotes a force of (un)voluntary escape from one’s land to a foreign space, and it connotes a sense of estrangement and nostalgia. Exile in literature, culture studies and linguistics is more problematized, as it takes different forms and orientations. Indeed, Exile negotiates complex issues related to historical events that have marked human existence such as the Industrial Revolution, the two world wars etc…


The ongoing processes of border-crossing and diasporic displacement, coupled with the world’s colonial and imperial charting of political and cultural borders have further complicated the situation. More often than not, this aporia has engendered a state of constant transformation, compelling and luring certain exiled individuals or groups to inhabit interstitial spaces of dislocation and alienation, thus, generating the need to negotiate an ambivalent sense of (un)belonging.


The notion of exile is highly relevant, as it is linked to (ethnic) identity formation. It generates visions of resistance, empowerment and self-redefinition. Likewise, postmodernist theories further stress the concept of exile from different linguistic, cultural, aesthetic and psychological perspectives.


It is within this framework that the steering committee welcomes individual and panel proposals related (but not limited) to the following topics:



  • Ø Exile and punishment
  • Ø Physical exile
  • Ø Psychological exile
  • Ø Self-exile
  • Ø Social exile
  • Ø Deliberate/imposed exile
  • Ø Exile and memory
  • Ø Exile and gender
  • Ø Exile and space
  • Ø Exile and politics
  • Ø Exile and language
  • Ø Exile and teaching
  • Ø Exile and media
  • Ø Exile and arts
  • Ø Exile, identity and subjectivity.
  • Ø Exile and culture
  • Ø Ex-patriates / exiled subjects / refugees
  • Ø Exile and globalization
  • Ø Exile and Cosmopolitanism
  • Ø Exile in/and discourse
  • Ø Exile in translation
  • Ø Exile and religion
  • Ø Exile and psychoanalysis
  • Ø Representations of exile
  • Ø Classical, Modern, and Contemporary exile
  • Ø Exile and/of Posthumanism  

Abstract Submission:


The Conference Steering Committee invites contributors to submit abstracts of no more than 250 words and a short bio-note to the following email address:

The deadline for submission of proposals is February 15th 2023.

Notifications of acceptance/rejection will be communicated by February 28th 2023. Contributors will have the possibility to have their articles published in Conference proceedings.


Remark: Whereas articipation in the conference is completely free of charge, we apologize for not being able to cover travel or accomodation expenses. But we may offer some advice as to accomodation (Sousse is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Tunisia where you can find excellent convenient and cheap hotels).   

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Abdellatif Ben Halima

Dr. Zied Ben Amor

Dr. Khaled Rjiba

Dr. Radhia Flah

Dr. Ines Laatiri

Dr. Chiraz Mkhinini

Dr. Mourad Romdhani

Dr. Wiem Krifa

Dr. Monia Chouari

Dr. Najwa Stambouli

Dr. Asma Krifa

Dr. Asma Chahed

Dr. Meriem Souissi


Scientific Committee:

Professor Mounir Triki

Professor Akila Sellami

Professor Mohammed Salah Harzallah

Professor Wajih Ayed