Cluster Call for Papers: Poetic Voice and Materiality

deadline for submissions: 
January 17, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Zoe Bursztajn-Illingworth
contact email: 

The editors Zoe Bursztajn-Illingworth and Julius Greve seek essays for an ASAP/J cluster on “Poetic Voice and Materiality”. We understand this topic to capaciously include new approaches to questions of poetic voice in contemporary American poetry. Experimental responses to questions of voice in poetry are welcomed, including contributions not only from literary studies but also from sound studies, film and media studies, performance studies, philosophy, the posthumanities, digital humanities, and archives across the globe. We welcome contributions that interpret not only recent poems and collections to respond to this question concerning the materiality of the poetic voice, but also essays that discuss artifacts from music, cinema, new media, and visual art that may have a bearing on it.

Critics from John Stuart Mill in “What is Poetry?” to Jonathan Culler in Theory of the Lyric have posited voice in poetry as a largely closed system: immaterial, atemporal, and self-reflexive. Contrastingly, many writers on the subject have suggested the openness of poetic voice—among them, Audre Lorde, Susan Stewart, and Jahan Ramazani to name a few—by highlighting the necessarily material-historical concerns of a poetic voice that is collective and thus unable to be divorced from the material world. Rather than cordoning off poetic voice from prosaic communication and other discursive modes, we intend this ASAP/J cluster to emphasize the situatedness of poetic voice in the archive, across media, in the racialized, gendered, and disabled body, in late capitalism and the environment.

Contact Dr. Zoe Bursztajn-Illingworth (The University of Texas at Austin) zbi [at] and Dr. Julius Greve (University of Oldenburg) julius.greve [at] to submit a proposal of no more than 300 words and a short biographical statement, by January 17, 2023. Potential contributors will be notified by January 31 and they will then have to submit their essays (1000-2000 words) by April 14.