Indigenous Studies for the 7th Generation (10th Anniversary Issue)

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June 30, 2023
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Transmotion: Online Journal of Indigenous Literary Studies
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Call for Papers: Indigenous Studies for the 7th Generation (10th Anniversary Issue)


Special Issue to Appear in Transmotion


Deadline for Abstracts: June 30, 2023



To celebrate the 10th anniversary of publication of Transmotion, the editors invite submissions for a special issue focused on the theme of “Indigenous Literary and Visual Studies for the Seventh Generation.” We adopt this phrasing, borrowed from Haudenosaunee teaching, to evoke an idea of professional practice that is done with an eye toward the past, present, and future. We envision an issue where contributors reflect in a variety of ways on the state of Indigenous Literary and Visual Studies. What is the most vital work happening today? How is that work grounded in prior scholarship, activism, and communal practice? What challenges and imperatives seem crucial for scholars in Indigenous Literary and Visual Studies to take up, going forward, to ensure the ongoing vitality of the field?  What kinds of innovations or disruptions are necessary to ensure its ongoing vibrancy and relevance? How do we do our work in a way that is responsible both to those who have come before us and who will come after us? What is the relationship between Indigenous Literary Studies and Indigenous peoples/nations?


We particularly welcome submissions that do the following:


--Offer critical overviews/discussions of key conversations within Indigenous Literary and Visual Studies (e.g. a “state of the field” approach)

--Reflect on the relationship between knowledge production and dissemination in university settings and in Indigenous communities outside of the university

--Raise up work in the field (primary texts, scholarship, etc) that represents the best examples of meaningful disruption/innovation

--Reflect on best pedagogical practices for courses in Indigenous Literary and Visual Studies

--Discuss ethical issues that arise in academic research, editing, and publishing within the field

--Explore the work of particular authors, artists, or scholars whose contributions to the field are particularly vital and enduring

--Consider best approaches for settler scholars, transnational scholars and other scholars operating at a cultural distance


General questions about this issue should be directed to David Carlson ( or Miriam Brown Spiers (




Abstracts (up to 300 words) and brief author CV to be sent to David Carlson and Miriam Brown Spiers (contact information above) by June 30, 2023.  Full articles will be due by January 15, 2024 and should be submitted directly to the Transmotion website for peer review, in accordance with the journal guidelines. Projected publication is December 2024.