Call for Chapter: (Re)considering Turkish Theatre in the Republic’s Centenary

deadline for submissions: 
February 9, 2023
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İstanbul University Press

Call for Chapter: (Re)considering Turkish Theatre in the Republic’s Centenaryİstanbul University Press “100th Anniversary of Republic” series.


Editors: Prof. Dr. İhsan Kerem Karaboğa, İstanbul University

            Asst. Prof. Nilgün Firidinoğlu Tiryaki, İstanbul University



We are pleased to announce our call for book proposal (Re)considering Turkish Theatre in the Republic’s Centenary for the Istanbul University Press “100th Anniversary of Republic” series.

When we look at the works on Turkish Theatre written after the proclamation of the Republic, it is seen that great importance is attached to anniversaries.

The books titled 50 Yılın Türk Tiyatrosu written by Metin And and 75. Yılında Türk Tiyatrosu written by Sevda Şener which deal with the theatre life spanning fifty and seventy-five years of the Republic, are among the works written on the anniversaries of the Republic.

As a continuation of this tradition, we aim to critically examine the development and change of Theatre in Turkey in the centennial year of the Republic with a book titled (Re)considering Turkish Theatre in the Republic’s Centenary

In this context, our intention is to reconsider productions, performances, ensembles, institutions, playwrights, cultural politics and the research in Turkish Theatre for a century, with recent theories emerging in the field of social sciences.

Within the book’s scope we aim to carefully consider the issues, subjects and institutions that have not been or partially covered in the Turkish theatre histories written before. By encouraging discussion of the past, our project (Re)considering Turkish Theatre in the Republic’s Centenarywould highlight issues of today. 


Under the determined titles, it is aimed to examine the art of theatre in parallel with the social and political changes after the proclamation of the Republic.

This new perspective on Turkish Theatre will question the previous chronological historiography and provide a critical approach to the topics and themes based on these studies.

Prospective authors are welcome to submit proposals that explore the Turkish Theatre in the Republic’s Centenary along one (or a combination of) the following four axes:

Contributions may explore the following topics:

  • Tradition and Transition

Transformation of traditional performative culture

Re-interpretation or re-writing of traditional performative forms

The changing relationship between performer and audience in traditional performative forms

The sustainability problem of traditional genres

  • Education and Institutionalization

The cultural politics and theatre

Nationalization and Theatre

The development of the theatre education

The relationship between academia and the artist circle

The institutionalization process of theatre 

Private enterprises and its role in the development of Turkish Theatre 

  • Genres and Repertoires

Directions in playwriting

Genre debates in the Republican Theatre

Repertoires and dynamics that determine the repertoires.

Discussions on translation and adaptation.

Canon discussions.



  • Stages-Ensembles-Audiences

Theatre architecture,

Ensembles and the components of the ensembles: Actors-Directors-Designers

Directing and acting

Audience profile, audience reception, audience viewing habits 



Abstract Submission Deadline: February 9, 2023.

Send an abstract of max 150-200 words with a title, to Prof. Dr. İhsan Kerem Karaboğa Asst. Prof. Nilgün Firidinoğlu Tiryaki  

Acceptance Notice: February 16, 2023.

Full Paper Submission Deadline: June 9, 2023.

Full paper should be around 6000-10000 words in length. Work that has already been published will not be considered.