Futuristic Epistemology and Scientific Dimensions: Neo-perspectives in Science Fiction”

deadline for submissions: 
February 5, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
The Golden Line: A Magazine of English Literature

Call for Papers: Volume 5, Number 1, 2023

Themed Issue on

“Futuristic Epistemology and Scientific Dimensions: Neo-perspectives in Science Fiction”

To be edited by 

Niladri Mahapatra & Akasdip Dey

PG Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan 


The Golden Line, a peer-reviewed magazine, is inviting scholarly papers on “Neo-perspectives in Science Fiction”. Science fiction, as a prose narrative form, allows social explorations and experimentations. Adding science to fiction is making it more interesting as science affirms that fiction can also negotiate with truth. So, the discourse of SF creates an interdisciplinary space for many new themes to be focused on and discussed in this issue. 

The issue intends to focus on the following thematic areas; however, they are suggestive and not restrictive:

Suggested Topics:

  • Truth and SF
  • Postmodernism and SF
  • Postcolonialism and SF
  • Posthumanism and SF
  • Aestheticism and SF
  • Psychoanalysis and SF
  • New Romanticism and SF
  • Popular Culture and SF
  • Punk Culture and SF
  • Ecology, Climate Change and SF
  • Politics and SF
  • Translation Studies and SF
  • Science and SF
  • Religion and SF
  • Utopia and Dystopia
  • Alternate Reality
  • Parallel Universe, Multiverse and Time Travel
  • Aliens in SF
  • Animals in SF
  • Space and SF
  • Gender and SF
  • Robotics
  • Science Fiction Film
  • Science Fiction Comics
  • Science Fiction Magazine

Important Dates:

Submission of abstract: January 15, 2023

Notification of acceptance: January 17, 2023

Submission of full paper: February 05, 2023

[N. B. It is not obligatory to send the abstract within that day, author can also send the full paper (without sending the abstract) within 5th February.]

Author’s Guidelines:

Kindly submit the abstract of your paper in about 100-150 words (Times New Roman, 12) with 4-5 Keywords. 

After the selection of your abstract, you are asked to submit your full-length article/ paper.

Articles should be written in an MS Word file following the 8th edition of MLA style.

Word Limits for the full paper: 2500-5000 words.

 Authors’ bio-note of around 100 words should be added at the end of the paper.


Submit your paper at guested.goldenline@gmail.com [add a CC to the Chief Editor, Mir Ahammad Ali at mir.goldenline@gmail.com]

Further Details:

Visit Our Magazine site: http://goldenline.bhattercollege.ac.in