The Materiality of Lived Religion on the Atlantic Edge

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February 9, 2023
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Avner Goldstein (Boston College, USA) and Eleanor March (University of Exeter, UK)
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Avner Goldstein and Eleanor March invite abstract submission to session #107 ("The Materiality of Religion on the Atlantic Edge") at the 2023 annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Belfast. Please see the text below for further details. Any questions may be addressed to the main session organiser at

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#107. The Materiality of Religion on the Atlantic Edge

Avner Goldstein (Boston College, USA)
Eleanor March (University of Exeter, UK)

9 February 2023


Papers in this session explore the material culture of lived religion on the edge of the European Atlantic, from the Iron Age through the end of the Middle Ages. Following the successful EAA 2022 session “The Materiality of Lived Religion Under and After Rome,” we wish to continue discussions exploring the opportunities and interpretative challenges of using material culture for understanding ritual and religion. This year, particular attention is given to the materials, practices, performances, and experiences of religion in regions that lie along the European Atlantic, including Ireland, Great Britain, the North Sea, France, and Iberia. As well as introducing listeners to the particular materials of religion that are the focus of the paper, presenters should also address at least one of the following issues: the impact that Atlantic environments and landscapes had on ritual practices and understandings, or how lived religion’s material expressions were impacted depending on whether they were found at the centre or on the margins of empires, kingdoms, territories, communities, or societies. This session provides a space for serious discussion between practitioners working in different time periods, places, and disciplines about how to think about and use material evidence to reconstruct the lived experience of religion along the Atlantic’s edge.

religion, history, environment, Iron Age, Roman, medieval