Haunted Landscapes: Nature, Super-Nature and Global Environments

deadline for submissions: 
April 1, 2023
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Falmouth University, 4-6 July 2023

In 2014, Falmouth University hosted one of its most successful conferences: Haunted Landscapes. This conference is round two, and it will be held in beautiful Cornwall on the Falmouth Campus, which is set in lush tropical gardens and a few minutes’ walk away from its picturesque town and beaches.

Literature, art, and film have always explored concepts of the supernatural and the landscape and environment – places and spaces haunted by spectres, memory, or history. Landscapes can be haunted by echoes and memories of colonization, violence done, and irrevocable acts committed. Places may be marked indelibly by the past and by the people who populated and shaped the environment in an infinite variety of ways. Layers of memory and action can be embedded in the landscape alongside the layering of history in stone and soil. Encounters with the landscape reverberate through the ages as well as through the rocks, trees, hills, and streams that are still present today. Ghosts can shade the atmosphere of a place and some things never leave. The environment bears witness as places across the globe bear the brunt of human action. This conference will explore haunted landscapes of all sorts – from environments teetering on collapse due to climate emergency, to landscapes steeped in blood, dripping in nostalgia, or haunted by spectral memories or supernatural entities.

We welcome topics and proposals from around the world. Subjects can include (but are not bound by):

The climate emergency

Places of war and conflict


The Weird


Altered Spaces


Landscape as palimpsest


The affect and emotion of place


Reverberations and echoes

The Uncanny

Nature and haunting

Non-human animals

Flora and fauna

Death, life, and rebirth


Please send 250 word abstracts and a short bio (and any questions) to:


Deadline: 1st April 2023