Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture

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March 31, 2023
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Women's Link Journal, Jamia Millia Islamia
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The field of popular culture studies is wide open and has drawn a lot of academic attention for several years now. Popular culture and gender interconnect in a myriad of ways, and their interplay can lead to outcomes which can be disabling and/or enabling. Popular culture, as a significant social tool, with mediums such as images, films, TV serials, advertisements, music, literature, comic books, animations, video games, popular news, social media etc., plays an extremely critical role in constructing gendered roles and norms, as also helping deconstruct them. Several popular genres, cutting across media, such as romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, dystopias etc., as also several everyday popular activities such as shopping, sports, food, fashion, social media, gaming etc., all intersect in interesting ways with gender, to produce registers of popular culture which can both be normative or not.

This issue of Women’s Link invites original research papers on ‘Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture’ which may engage with the following sub- themes, but may not be limited to them:

1. Popular culture, ideology, gender and sexuality

2. Changing representations of women in popular culture

3. Cultural politics and body image

4. Gender, food and consumption

5. Shopping, consumerism and gender

6. Gender, violence and popular culture

7. Popular fashion, fads and gender

8. Health, diets, popular health fads, and gender

9. Post-feminism and popular culture

10. Pop feminism and pop culture 

11. Popular literature and gender

12. Gaming and gender

13. Contemporary popular women’s movements

14. Popular icons and gender

15. Gender, porn and nudity in Popular Culture

Submission Guidelines:

● We accept original and unpublished research papers (4000-4500 words).

● The abstract should not be of more than 200 words and the author’s bio of 100 words.

● Kindly follow the MLA 9.

For reference, please check : uide/mla_general_format.html

Submit your papers in word doc file only at:

Last date for submitting full length papers : March 31, 2023