CFP Interactive Film and Media Conference - January 30th

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January 30, 2023
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Hudson Moura / Toronto Metropolitan University
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Call for Proposals Extended Deadline: Monday, January 30th



June 7-9, 2023


Hosted by Toronto Metropolitan University (Canada), The University of Texas at Dallas (USA), Technological University of the Shannon (Ireland), Leeds Trinity University (UK), and Ithaca College (New York, USA)


Sharon Daniel

Filmmaker and Professor in the Film and Digital Media Department and the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program at the University of California, Santa Cruz






The annual Interactive Film and Media Conference invites abstracts that explore, interrogate, interweave, unravel, and reinvent the dynamic relationships between craft, care, and collaboration across new media platforms, practices, and theories. This nexus of craft, care, and collaboration has emerged as a fertile ground for thinking through the crucial yet unresolved work of combatting polarization with multiple voices, plural practices, and new ways of working together to invent shared languages and ideas. The conference invites participants to think about these three axes–craft, care, collaboration–whose definitions and relationships are not fixed, but fluid and adaptive.


This conference does not propose closed definitions of the terms craft, care, and collaboration.  Nor does it map the ways in which these three terms entangle, enmesh, separate, collide.  Instead, the conference celebrates the open fields, gaps, and fissures between these terms in an initial attempt to enhance what is ambiguous, unresolved, and needing our attention. The conference invites participants to think through and imagine craft, care, and collaboration in new ways that mine these cracks and ambiguities.


The 5th Interactive Film and Media Virtual Conference (June 7-9) invites academics (faculty, researchers, and Ph.D. students) from all disciplines (media, communication, film, digital studies, visual arts, etc.) and practitioners (filmmakers, artists, VR and game designers, and media producers) to submit their proposals. While presenters are encouraged to consider the themes of Care, Collaboration, and Craft, proposals on matters relevant to the IFM community and beyond are welcome.



No fee is charged for presentation and attendance at this conference or publication at the journal. 



To submit your abstract (500 words long, including the research objectives, theoretical framework, methodology, and hypotheses) and a brief Bio-CV (150-200 words), please download the paper proposal application form here: IFM2023_Paper_Presentation_Proposal.docx and submit it to the section  ‘conference paper abstract’ at the #IFM Journal’s Submissions system by the deadline.



For Research Creation and Artist/Collective Projects Interactive Workshop proposals, fill out the form, including the research creation’s  description, research objectives, theoretical framework and methodology, and a brief Bio-CV (150-200 words for each participant/author). Please download the research creation presentation proposal application form here: IFM2023 Research Creation Presentation Application Form.docx and submit it to the section  ‘research creation presentation’ at the #IFM Journal’s Submissions system by the deadline.



Hudson Moura, Chair (Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada)

Heidi Rae Cooley (The University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

Stefano Odorico (Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland and Leeds Trinity University, UK)

Patricia Zimmermann (Ithaca College, New York, USA)




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