EJAS (European Journal of American Studies): Call for book reviews

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2023
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European Association for American Studies
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EJAS (European Journal of American Studies): Call for book reviews

EJAS (European Journal of American Studies) invites reviews of current books on topics relevant to American studies for publication in EJAS’ upcoming issues (vol. 18-19) due in 2023 and 2024. 

Please send a review proposal (author, title, publisher, publishing date and place, number of pages), and CV (including the list of publications) to the Book Reviews Editor, Dr. Kornelia Boczkowska (kornelia@amu.edu.pl). We accept proposals on a rolling basis.

Authors of accepted proposals will be expected to write a book review (1000 words) and follow the MLA 8th edition style manual when preparing the manuscript.

EJAS is the official, peer-reviewed academic journal of the European Association for American Studies, a federation of 21 national and joint-national associations of specialists of the United States gathering approximately 4,000 scholars from 27 European countries (<http://www.eaas.eu>).

Some suggested titles can be found below. Other proposals are also welcome provided that book publications are in English, pertain to American studies and have been published in 2022 or 2023.

  1. Climate Lyricism by Min Hyoung Song (Duke University Press, 2022)
  2. Benjamin Franklin by Kevin J. Hayes (Reaktion Books, 2022)
  3. After One Hundred Winters: In Search of Reconciliation on America’s Stolen Lands by Margaret Jacobs (Princeton University Press, 2022)
  4. Comprehending the Complexity of Countries: The Way Ahead (Springer, 2022)
  5. "Beyond This Narrow Now" Or, Delimitations, of W. E. B. Du Bois by Nahum Dimitri Chandler (Duke University Press, 2022)
  6. American Torture from the Philippines to Iraq: A Recurring Nightmare by William L. d'Ambruoso (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  7. Covering Muslims: American Newspapers in Comparative Perspective by Erik Bleich and A. Maurits van der Veen (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  8. Reckoning: Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Necessity of Social Movements by Deva R. Woodly (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  9. The Queer Biopic in the AIDS Era by Laura Stamm (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  10. Brotherhood in Rhythm: The Jazz Tap Dancing of the Nicholas Brothers, 20th Anniversary Edition by Constance Valis Hill (Oxford University Press, 2022)                  
  11. Laurie Anderson's Big Science by S. Alexander Reed (Oxford University Press, 2022)                    
  12. Making Broadway Dance by Liza Gennaro (Oxford University Press, 2022)                
  13. White Men's Law: The Roots of Systemic Racism by Peter Irons (Oxford University Press, 2022)            
  14. The Rainbow after the Storm: Marriage Equality and Social Change in the U.S. by Michael J. Rosenfeld (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  15. American Television during a Television Presidency edited by Karen McNally (Wayne State University Press, 2022)
  16. The Florida Room by Alexandra T. Vazquez (Duke University Press, 2022)
  17. WOMAN UP: Invoking Feminism in Quality Television by Julia Havas (Wayne State University Press, 2022)
  18. Fundamentalism and American Culture (3rd ed) by George M. Marsden (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  19. American Popular Song: The Great Innovators, 1900-1950 (3rd ed) by Alec Wilder and Robert Awlins (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  20. Americans in China: Encounters with the People's Republic by Terry Lautz (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  21. The Third Option: Covert Action and American Foreign Policy by Loch K. Johnson (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  22. What Happened to the Vital Center? Presidentialism, Populist Revolt, and the Fracturing of America by Nicholas Jacobs and Sidney Milkis (Oxford University Press, 2022)         
  23. Refuge: How the State Shapes Human Potential by Heba Gowayed (Princeton University Press, 2022)                   
  24. A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism by Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza (Oxford University Press, 2022)        
  25. How Machines Came to Speak: Media Technologies and Freedom of Speech by Jennifer Petersen (Duke University Press, 2022)
  26. Renegotiating American Nationalism. The Proxy War over Marriage Equality through the Lens of Un-Americanism by Verena Reiter (Verlag, 2022)
  27. Sonic Fictions of America. Literature and Popular Music in the U.S. 1950–2010 by Carsten Schinko (Verlag, 2021)
  28. Transatlantic Currents. Essays in Honor of David E. Nye, editec by Jørn Brøndal, Anne Mørk, Kasper Grotle Rasmussen (Verlag, 2021)
  29. Perspectives on Homelessness edited by Anna Flügge and Georgia Tommasi (Verlag, 2022)
  30. Cormac McCarthy, Philosophy and the Physics of the Damned by Patrick O’Connor (Edinburgh University Press, 2022)
  31. What is American Literature? by Ilan Stavans (Oxford University Press, 2022)                     
  32. Writing Pain in the Nineteenth-Century United States by Thomas Constantinesco (Oxford University Press, 2022)                  
  33. Menergy: San Francisco's Gay Disco Sound by Louis Niebur (Oxford University Press, 2022)                           
  34. John Dos Passos's Transatlantic Chronicling: Critical Essays on the Interwar Years edited by AARON SHAHEEN and ROSA MARÍA BAUTISTA-CORDERO (University of Tennessee Press, 2022)
  35. Legal Spectatorship: Slavery and the Visual Culture of Domestic Violence by Kelli Moore (Duke University Press, 2022)
  36. Dark Scenes from Damaged Earth: The Gothic Anthropocene edited by Justin Edwards, Rune Graulund, and Johan Höglund (University of Minnesota Press, 2022)
  37. Democracy under Fire: Donald Trump and the Breaking of American History by Lawrence R. Jacobs (Oxford University Press, 2022)                           
  38. How the Color Line Bends: The Geography of White Prejudice in Modern America by Nina M. Yancy (Oxford University Press, 2022)        
  39. Everyday Dirty Work: Invisibility, Communication, and Immigrant Labor by Wilfredo Alvarez (Ohio State University Press, 2022)
  40. The Aspern Papers and Other Tales, 1884–1888 by Henry James edited by Rosella Mamoli Zorzi and Simone Francescato (Cambridge University Press, 2022)
  41. Model Minority Masochism: Performing the Cultural Politics of Asian American Masculinity by Takeo Rivera (Oxford University Press, 2022)        
  42. Scars on the Land: An Environmental History of Slavery in the American South by David Silkenat (Oxford University Press, 2022)        
  43. The Oxford Handbook of Emily Dickinson edited by Cristanne Miller and Karen Sánchez-Eppler (Oxford University Press, 2022)  
  44. Islamophobia and Acts of Violence: The Targeting and Victimization of American Muslims by Carolyn Turpin-Petrosino (Oxford University Press, 2022)  
  45. Contemporary American Fiction in the European Classroom: Teaching and Texts by Susan Norton and Laurence W. Mazzeno (Macmillan, 2022)
  46. Pragmatist Feminism and the Work of Charlene Haddock Seigfried edited by Lee A. McBride III and Erin McKenna (Bloomsbury, 2022)
  47. Civil War Settlers by Anders Bo Rasmussen (Cambridge University Press, 2022)
  48. TV Snapshots: An Archive of Everyday Life by Lynn Spigel (Duke University Press, 2022)
  49. Hollywood Sports Movies and the American Dream by Grant Wiedenfeld (Oxford University Press, 2022)  
  50. The Spook Who Sat by the Door by Sam Greenlee with an introduction by Natiki Hope Pressley (Wayne State University Press, 2022)  
  51. Scales of Captivity: Racial Capitalism and the Latinx Child by Mary Pat Brady (Duke University Press, 2022)
  52. A Kiss across the Ocean: Transatlantic Intimacies of British Post-Punk and US Latinidad by Richard T. Rodríguez (Duke University Press, 2022)
  53. Law in American Meetinghouses: Church Discipline and Civil Authority in Kentucky, 1780–1845 by Jeffrey Thomas Perry (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022)
  54. On the Inconvenience of Other People by Lauren Berlant (Duke University Press, 2022)
  55. Feels Right: Black Queer Women and the Politics of Partying in Chicago by Kemi Adeyemi (Duke University Press, 2022)
  56. With Liberty and Justice for All? The Constitution in the Classroom edited by Steven A. Steinbach, Maeva Marcus, and Robert Cohen (Oxford University Press, 2022)  
  57. Powering American Farms: The Overlooked Origins of Rural Electrification by Richard F. Hirsh (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022)
  58. The Terrible We: Thinking with Trans Maladjustment by Cameron Awkward-Rich (Duke University Press, 2022)
  59. Cartographic Memory: Social Movement Activism and the Production of Space by Juan Herrera (Duke University Press, 2022)
  60. The California Gothic in Fiction and Film by Bernice M. Murphy (Edinburgh University Press, 2022)
  61. Colonial Racial Capitalism edited by Susan Koshy, Lisa Marie Cacho, Jodi A. Byrd, and Brian Jordan Jefferson (Duke University Press, 2022)
  62. Rural Renaissance: Revitalizing America’s Hometowns through Clean Power by L. Michelle Moore (Island Press, 2022)
  63. Peace and Friendship: An Alternative History of the American West by Stephen Aron (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  64. Washington Square by Gert Buelens and Susan M. Griffin (Cambridge University Press, 2022)
  65. Visitation: The Conjure Work of Black Feminist Avant-Garde Cinema by Jennifer DeClue (Duke University Press, 2022)
  66. A Question of Standing: The History of the CIA by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  67. Surface Relations: Queer Forms of Asian American Inscrutability by Vivian L. Huang (Duke University Press, 2022)
  68. Visionary Company: Hart Crane and Modernist Periodicals by Francesca Bratton (Edinburgh University Press, 2022)
  69. Rock & Roll in Kennedy's America: A Cultural History of the Early 1960s by Richard Aquila (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022)
  70. Feminism in Coalition: Thinking with US Women of Color Feminism by Liza Taylor (Duke University Press, 2022)
  71. The Oxford Handbook of the Hollywood Musical edited by Dominic Broomfield-McHugh (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  72. The Making of White American Identity by Ron Eyerman (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  73. Cooling the Tropics: Ice, Indigeneity, and Hawaiian Refreshment by Hi′ilei Julia Kawehipuaakahaopulani Hobart (Duke University Press, 2022)
  74. Postcolonial Configurations: Dictatorship, the Racial Cold War, and Filipino America by Josen Masangkay Diaz (Duke University Press, 2023)
  75. New Growth: The Art and Texture of Black Hair by Jasmine Nichole Cobb (Duke University Press, 2022)
  76. Beyond the Icon: Asian American Graphic Narratives edited by Eleanor Ty (Ohio State University Press, 2022)
  77. Reimagining the Republic: Race, Citizenship, and Nation in the Literary Work of Albion W. Tourgée edited by Sandra M. Gustafson and Robert S. Levine (Fordham University Press)
  78. Deflective Whiteness: Co-Opting Black and Latinx Identity Politics by Hannah Noel (Ohio State University Press, 2022)
  79. Misinformation Nation: Foreign News and the Politics of Truth in Revolutionary America by Jordan E. Taylor (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022)
  80. Adoption across Race and Nation: US Histories and Legacies edited by Silke Hackenesch (Ohio State University Press, 2022)
  81. Live Music in America: A History from Jenny Lind to Beyoncé by Steve Waksman (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  82. Before Modernism: Inventing American Lyric by Virginia Jackson (Princeton University Press, 2023)       
  83. Uncomfortable Television by Hunter Hargraves (Duke University Press, 2023)
  84. Framing the Nation, Claiming the Hemisphere: Transnational Imagination in Early American Travel Writing (1770–1830) (Stockholm University Press, 2022)
  85. Sports and the American Presidency edited by Adam Burns and Rivers Gambrell (Edinburgh University Press, 2022)
  86. Death's Futurity: The Visual Life of Black Power by Sampada Aranke (Duke University Press, 2023)
  87. Climate and the Picturesque in the American Tropics by Michael Boyden (Oxford University Press, 2022)   
  88. Slavery, Surveillance, and Genre in Antebellum United States Literature by Kelly Ross (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  89. Fossil-Fuel Faulkner: Energy, Modernity, and the US South by Jay Watson (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  90. Turn On, Tune In, Drift Off: Ambient Music's Psychedelic Past by Victor Szabo (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  91. Circuits of the Sacred: A Faggotology in the Black Latinx Caribbean by Carlos Ulises Decena (Duke University Press, 2023)
  92. The Contagion of Liberty: The Politics of Smallpox in the American Revolution by Andrew M. Wehrman (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2023)
  93. Kids on the Street: Queer Kinship and Religion in San Francisco's Tenderloin by Joseph Plaster (Duke University Press, 2023)
  94. Northern Ireland, the United States and the Second World War, by Simon Topping (Bloomsbury, 2022)
  95. Militarization and the American Century: War, the United States and the World since 1941, by David Fitzgerald (Bloomsbury, 2022)
  96. Marginalisation and Utopia in Paul Auster, Jim Jarmusch and Tom Waits: The Other America by Adriano Tedde (Routledge, 2022)       
  97. Beat Feminisms: Aesthetics, Literature, Gender, Activism by Polina Mackay (Routledge, 2022)
  98. Rise of the Spectacular: America in the 1950s by John Hannigan (Routledge, 2021)
  99. Eudora Welty and Mystery: Hidden in Plain Sight edited by Jacob Agner & Harriet Pollack (University Press of Mississippi, 2022)
  100. The Mind in Exile: Thomas Mann in Princeton by Stanley Corngold (Princeton University Press, 2022)
  101. Democracy Lives in Darkness: How and Why People Keep Their Politics a Secret by Emily Van Duyn (Oxford University Press, 2022)
  102. Aging Moderns: Art, Literature, and the Experiment of Later Life by Scott Herring (Columbia University Press, 2022)
  103. Crip Colony: Mestizaje, US Imperialism, and the Queer Politics of Disability in the Philippines by Sony Coráñez Bolton (Duke University Press, 2023)     
  104. The Vital Dead: Making Meaning, Identity, and Community through Cemeteries by Alison Bell (University of Tennessee Press, 2023)
  105. Race, Politics, and Irish America: A Gothic History by Mary M. Burke (Oxford University Press, 2023)
  106. Oz and the Musical: Performing the American Fairy Tale by Ryan Bunch (Oxford University Press, 2023)       
  107. Nonverts: The Making of Ex-Christian America by Stephen Bullivant (Oxford University Press, 2023)            
  108. The New Power Elite by Heather Gautney (Oxford University Press, 2023) 
  109. Campus Misinformation: The Real Threat to Free Speech in American Higher Education by Bradford Vivian (Oxford University Press, 2023)       
  110. Dangerous Instrument: Political Polarization and US Civil-Military Relations by Michael A. Robinson (Oxford University Press, 2023)       
  111. Fighting Better: Constructive Conflicts in America by Louis Kriesberg (Oxford University Press, 2023)       
  112. America before 1787: The Unraveling of a Colonial Regime by Jon Elster (Princeton University Press, 2023)            
  113. The Williamsburg Avant-Garde: Experimental Music and Sound on the Brooklyn Waterfront by Cisco Bradley (Duke University Press, April 2023)    
  114. Monitoring American Federalism by Christian G. Fritz (Cambridge University Press, 2023)
  115. Disappearing Rooms: The Hidden Theaters of Immigration Law by Michelle Castañeda (Duke University Press, 2023)
  116. Melville’s Wisdom: Religion, Skepticism, and Literature in Nineteenth-Century America by Damien B. Schlarb (Oxford University Press, 2021)
  117. The Aesthetic Cold War: Decolonization and Global Literature by Peter J. Kalliney (Princeton University Press, 2022)
  118. Sissy Insurgencies: A Racial Anatomy of Unfit Manliness by Marlon B. Ross (Duke University Press, 2022)
  119. Racist Love: Asian Abstraction and the Pleasures of Fantasy by Leslie Bow (Duke University Press, 2022)
  120. Vulgar Beauty: Acting Chinese in the Global Sensorium by Mila Zuo (Duke University Press, 2022)