NWSA CFP: Decolonizing Feminist and Queer Pedagogies

deadline for submissions: 
March 8, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
National Women's Studies Association
contact email: 

"This workshop highlights pedagogical practices that seek to transform Feminist and Queer Studies classrooms into radical and liberatory spaces for decolonial thought and practice. Even as we emphasize intersectionality in our classes, women of color or queer of color critiques are largely offered after—and as correctives to—a canon where whiteness is default and invisible. As a result, these institutionalized canons, which naturalize whiteness alongside colonial conceptions of gender, retain their primacy of thought. How can we instead design our courses to center the coloniality of knowledge and the coloniality of gender? How do we put to practice a pedagogy that takes to heart the work of Lugones, Mohanty, Munoz, and hooks, among others?" 

Participants are invited to share syllabi, assignments, and lesson plans that seek to decolonize the classroom space. Interested participants should submit a brief bio and 250-300 word abstract describing their pedagogical approach and the material they intend to share during the workshop.

Please submit your proposal by Wednesday, March 8, to Atia Sattar (asattar@usc.edu).

The CFP above is for a pedagogy workshop to be conducted at the National Women’s Studies Association annual meeting in Baltimore, October 26–29, 2023.