Grotowski / Lupa revisited

deadline for submissions: 
April 30, 2023
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Pamietnik Teatralny / Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences

2023 marks the anniversaries of Jerzy Grotowski's 90th birthday and Krystian Lupa's 80th birthday.  On this occasion, Pamiętnik Teatralny, a bilingual Polish-English academic quarterly, invites scholars to reflect on the international presence of these two Polish directors in different cultural contexts around the world.  

We invite original contributions that reflect on selected aspects of the reception of Grotowski's and Lupa's work. How were they received at theater festivals and during guest performances? What aspects of their practice over the years are of interest today to researchers rooted in other theater cultures? How have the works and working methods of Grotowski and Lupa influenced contemporary acting or resonate with traditions and current trends in acting? How might their performances and approaches to theater have inspired the work of other artists (including disciplines other than theater)?

DEADLINE: Full texts (ca. 4,000 to 6,500 words) should be submitted using the electronic system provided on our website by April 30, 2023:

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