Literature from a local and regional perspective - World and Word special issue

deadline for submissions: 
March 20, 2023
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University of Bielsko-Biała
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The central  theme of the forthcoming 40th issue of our interdisciplinary journal "Świat i Słowo" [“World and Word”] is "Literature from a local and regional perspective." In the era of progressive globalization and universalization of culture, sometimes imposed  by the media and the so-called opinion-forming centers of the dominant civilization model, in which the world is perceived as a "global village" inhabited by a consumer society that is supposedly subject to inevitable changes forced by technological progress (with the revolution of artificial intelligence at the forefront), we want to turn to what we perceive as primal and natural, i.e. sources of literature, culture and art in our local and regional spaces and communities. We invite you to take a look at new, interesting literary issues of our "small worlds" (beginning with our streets, backyards and districts and ending with regions). Alternatively, you can attempt a new or original reading of phenomena that were recognized earlier, but for some reason have become inspiring for the contemporary recipients of culture – like the small Polish small town of Wisła, Jerzy Pilch's hometown, which at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries became a kind of "Zakopane of the Beskid Mountains," hosting the most outstanding writers of the positivist and modern eras. A hundred years later, thanks to Jerzy Pilch, a famous contemporary Polish writer, Wisła grew to the rank of Macondo of Cieszyn Silesia. Although the issue will contain a separate block of texts devoted to the readings of Jerzy Pilch's work, it will not be exclusively "pilchological." The proposed thematic formula is broad and we welcome proposals that will refer in various ways to the issue of "locality" and "regionality" in both literary works and cultural studies.

If you are interested to contribute please send an abstract of 400 words and a two-page CV to by March 20, 2023.