CFA for MSA Brooklyn: Modernism & Writing Pedagogy Roundtable

deadline for submissions: 
March 24, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Laura Hartmann-Villalta // Johns Hopkins University
contact email: 

Modernism & Writing Pedagogy Roundtable

Call for Abstracts – 100-150 words

Deadline: May 24, 2023, 11.59 EST, to

Organizer: Laura Hartmann-Villalta, Johns Hopkins University

3-4 slots available

In the spirit of the roundtable organized and chaired by Nissa Ren Cannon in MSA Portland entitled, “Modernism in the Writing Classroom,” this roundtable recognizes the suitability of modernist texts for writing classrooms of all sorts. This roundtable seeks to share pedagogical approaches at the intersection of modernism and writing. The call is purposefully broad.  

Some topics to consider:

  • Modernist texts in the first-year writing classroom  
  • Modernist writers as role models for novice writers
  • The intersection of anti-racist practices, modernist texts, and the writing classroom
  • The creative writing classroom and modernism more generally
  • Modernist practices (collage, scrapbooking, little magazines, etc.) in the writing classroom
  • Writing assignments featuring modernist genres, such as manifestos or photo essays
  • Modernists thinking about and with rhetorical practices
  • Modernism, STEM, and the technical writing classroom

Preference will be given to contingent scholars and graduate students who are currently teaching writing.

Selected participants will collaborate on the final roundtable proposal, crafting a roundtable description that represents the scholars’ interests and approaches to the material.