Special issue of Humanities on ‘Literature and Medicine’

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2024
full name / name of organization: 
Dr Minna Vuohelainen/ City, University of London

This Special Issue of Humanities (ISSN 2076-0787) seeks to elicit original essays examining the intersections of medicine and literature (broadly understood). Essays exploring any cultural context from c. 1800 to the present day are welcome. Possible contributions might address, but are not limited to, topics such as:

  • Critical Disability Studies;
  • Neurodivergence;
  • Psychology and psychiatry;
  • Addiction and substance abuse;
  • Disease and decease;
  • Epidemics and pandemics;
  • Medical practitioners and patients;
  • Spaces of illness and recovery;
  • Medical procedures and treatment programmes;
  • Genre and medicine;
  • Medicine and identity;
  • Illness, disability and prejudice.

Please see the Special Issue webpage for further information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/humanities/special_issues/9612M5Q9LA.

Please send an abstract of 400–500 words and a biographical paragraph of 100–150 words to Minna Vuohelainen (minna.vuohelainen@city.ac.uk) by 3 April, 2023. Essays of 6000-8000 words (including references) will be due by 1 March, 2024.