Thematic issue “Philosophy of Classical Antiquity in Current Philosophical Debates: A Dialogue between Ancient and Contemporary Philosophy”

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September 1, 2023
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Department of Contemporary Philosophy, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute
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Athena: Philosophical studies, No. 18, 2023

(Editor: Naglis Kardelis)

Thematic issue “Philosophy of Classical Antiquity in Current Philosophical Debates: A Dialogue between Ancientand Contemporary Philosophy”


In this thematic edition, a case will be made for the continuous relevance of ancient philosophy to contemporary philosophy and culture. In the process of preparing this edition, the philosophy of Classical Antiquity will be viewed as the origins of Western intellectual culture and philosophy itself, understood as a unique phenomenon of Western culture that discloses the initial point in the path of the growth of Western moral and cultural consciousness – the point that should not be forgotten while reflecting on the trends and tendencies of current Western philosophy. This edition attempts to view ancient philosophy through the lens of contemporary philosophy and, vice versa, to review contemporary philosophy from the point of view of ancient philosophy: the rationale behind this approach is based on the necessity to contrast these two kinds of optics, which would allow us to discern those features of both ancient philosophy and contemporary philosophy that would have escaped our view and would not have been taken into account had we employed a single monolithic perspective of thinking or identified ourselves and our thinking endeavor with a single regime of philosophical thought. The novelty and relevance of this edition stems from an attempt to overcome the dichotomy between the approach typical of the history of philosophy and that of contemporary philosophy as developed in an original authorial fashion. An attempt will be made not only to take into consideration the research results accumulated by such eminent authorities in the sphere of the history of ancient philosophy as W. D. Ross, W. Jaeger, H. F. Cherniss, Ch. H. Kahn, M. F. Burnyeat, T. H. Irwin, M. C. Nussbaum, D. N. Sedley, M. Schofield, etc. and the results of highly original philosophical thought achieved by philosophers of the 20th century and contemporary thinkers (such as M. Heidegger, H.-G. Gadamer, P. Ricoeur, J. Derrida, M. Foucault, G. Deleuze, J. Baudrillard, J. Kristeva, G. Agamben, etc.) who assimilated into their philosophy certain thematic or formal elements emblematic of ancient philosophy, but also to present a synthesis of those achievements of scholarly research into ancient philosophy and the achievements of authorial philosophical thinking related to ancient philosophy that might be relevant to current philosophical debates and the entire contemporary Western culture.


Submission deadline: September 1st, 2023


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