Anti-Imperial Resistance in South Asia in the Long Twentieth Century

deadline for submissions: 
April 21, 2023
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Northumbria University

This CFP is for a special journal issue focused on South Asia and aimed for a postcolonial journal.

This special journal issue makes a case for considering anti-imperial resistance in South Asia as a continuous process, with independence from (British) colonisers as watershed moments that reified forms of resistance against imperial structures rather than mark an end to them. The issue will collectively ponder upon and theorise not only acts of resistance and their quality of subaltern consciousness but also the nature of the authoritarian state that changes its status from colonial to postcolonial, pre- to post- independence, but remains unchanging in its oppression. The papers will consider these questions from a literary and cultural studies inflected angle.

Please submit 300 word abstracts initially for expected paper length between 7000—9000 words. We particularly welcome articles about and/or submissions from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eelam Tamil, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet.

Deadline of submission: 21st of April, 2023

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