Human | Nature: Transplantation, Liminality, and Territory

deadline for submissions: 
April 7, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Amber Horne/University of Worcester

Blended online and on-site conference


This conference seeks to understand the significance of the similarities, differences, and slippages in Human | Nature: its internal or external boundaries; its various, sometimes conflicting experiences; its pluralistic modes of expression; and its potential to slip, to move beyond these traditions. The aim is to explore the interdisciplinary potential of human and natural experiences, with a view to mapping out the spaces of connection, how they hybridise and transplant, and how the territorial boundaries of experience are formed. The belief is that these connections might reveal some understanding of liminal positions, experiences, and voices, including those not traditionally defined as ‘human’ or ‘natural’.


What is natural about being human?


What is human about the natural world?


What markers do we have for the human and the natural and where do these boundaries break down?


We are particularly interested in papers that explore the theme through the lens of the Medical Humanities, Environmentalism, Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Posthumanism, Digital Humanities, Blue Humanities, Geography, and Anthropology. The aim is to pay considerable attention to how this theme is investigated and transformed through artistic practices such as literature, film, theatre, and visual arts.


We welcome creative, scientific, theoretical, case-study-oriented, and hybrid presentations for our conference. This event seeks to foster an environment that hears from established academics in the field alongside, and in dialogue with, early career researchers. In line with our accessibility policy, please let us know if you would like to be considered for our travel bursary. This conference is cost-free to attend.


To present at the conference please send a short abstract (no longer than 300 words) of your proposed 10–15-minute presentation, with a short biographical note, to:


Please email for further details.