Exploring human dominance, gender, and heteronormativity through cyborgs and AI in films

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May 31, 2023
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Films have for a very long time been used to form a narrative that may oppose what the heteronormative society believes and that is why probably it is one of the most popular forms of artistic expression. When we think of films like Her or the Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell we see the use of technology in brilliant ways. It shows how easily humans are replaceable emotionally as well as physically. But how well do these films and many others like these refute the social conditioning that often clouds our visions? Is the world of cyborgs too dystopian for humans to survive in? Or just like any ‘other’ cyborgs and AI will just become another way for the powerful in the human world to exert dominance?

In this session, we wish to look at films that have dealt with the same issue and explore if human dominance is challenged in any way. Some topics that we would love to look at are the following:

1. Gender and technology

2. Humanity as opposed to AI

3. Indigeneity and intervention of technology

4. Future of Humanity

5. Donna Haraway’s cyborg manifesto

6. Technology and the search for consciousness

7. Physical body, technology, and gender deconstruction

8. Exploration of sensory reactions through cyborgs and AI in films

9. Heteronormativity and intervention of technology

10. Privacy and AI, cyborgs

It is to be noted that the topic for discussion is not limited to the ones mentioned here. This session encourages exploration and extension of the horizon of expectation.

Abstracts of around 200-300 words are welcome along with a bio of around 50-100 words. The abstracts are to be submitted on the PAMLA portal. For further information/ clarification, participants may send emails to rohinichakraborty92@gmail.com.