EXTENDED DEADLINE: Medical Humanities and (In)Justice: Crossing Disciplines and Contexts

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April 24, 2023
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University of Exeter
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The Call for Submissions is still open! The deadline is now extended to 24 April 2023.

Postgraduate Researcher Medical Humanities Conference
Medical Humanities and (In)Justice: Crossing Disciplines and Contexts
29th (hybrid) and 30th June, 2023 (online)

University of Exeter


Call for Papers Closes: Monday 3rd April, 2023


Our Keynote Speakers:

Chris Sandal-Wilson, University of Exeter and Supriya Subramani, Independent Researcher

It is paramount to address the imbrications and complications between care, cure, and violence in medical practice and its representations, particularly in contexts where different forms of violence are exercised. War, environmental disaster, and precarious infrastructures for healthcare, among others, are topics that have garnered considerable urgency in the past two years. Therefore, Humanities and Social Sciences can provide necessary and insightful approaches regarding medicine and justice. 

A further type of (in)justice becomes apparent when attempting to shift the focus away from the Western, anglophone canon of Medical Humanities to the so-called global South as a locus of knowledge production, where “other” themes, topics, and commitments emerge. It is then relevant to ask what are the boundaries – geographical or otherwise—within which medical humanities is contained? What are the positionalities and contexts from which medical humanities research is produced, and whose voices are missing? Finally, and most importantly, how can medical humanities be used to respond to issues of (in)justice?

We welcome contributions that address the general topic of (in)justice and medical humanities (intended as broadly construed) through engagement and practical experiences with, but not limited to, the following issues:

  • Medical humanities and violence
  • Disparities between global North and South (and unsettlements of these locations)
  • Epistemic and testimonial injustice
  • Disputes about medical humanities as a field
  • Bioethics and justice

We welcome submissions from postgraduate, early career, and independent researchers: 

Papers: Abstract (up to 250 words),

Creative work: a description (visual art, film, website, audio piece, or any other creative work).

Please include a short bio in your submission.  For accessibility purposes, we kindly ask that you send us your paper/script one week before the conference. Thank you.

We have a small budget to provide financial support for Postgraduate Researchers at the University of Exeter based in Cornwall who would need it to attend in person. Please reach out if you feel that this is your case.

Please note that submissions accepted for this conference may also be considered for upcoming issues of the Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities.

Contacts: To send your submission, and for any queries please

Maria Teresa Marangoni mm967@exeter.ac.uk or Anya Ovcharenko ao465@exeter.ac.uk;