Adapting the X-Men: Essays on the Transmedia Children of the Atom

deadline for submissions: 
July 1, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
John Darowski

CFP for Adapting the X-Men: Essays on the Transmedia Children of the Atom


Deadline for submission: July 1, 2023


Full name/name of organization:

John Darowski


Publisher: McFarland & Company, Inc.


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Call for Papers: Adapting the X-Men: Essays on the Transmedia Children of the Atom


The editor of Adapting the X-Men is seeking abstracts for essays that could be included in the upcoming collection.  Essays should examine the practices of adaptation among the various Marvel comic books featuring mutants and media, including by not limited to: film, television, animation, novels, video games, podcasts, etc.  Essays should focus on stories featuring issues of adaptation and influence theory, evolving cultural context, or formalists aspects of telling existing stories in new mediums.  Analysis must apply critical theory, such as cultural, technical, narratological, economic, or others, to explore the form, function, and/or intersectionality of the X-Men, adaptation, and culture.


The proposed volume is intended to be scholarly but accessible in tone and approach.  Essays should focus on adaptations of X-Men as a team or individual characters (i.e. Wolverine, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, etc.), enemies (i.e. Magneto, etc.), or characters closely associated with Marvel’s mutants (i.e. Deadpool).  Topics should be limited in scope, focusing on characters or story and examining the transmedia migration from one medium to another (e.g. comic books to animated series) or comparing and contrasting works within a single medium (e.g. The Dark Phoenix Saga in X-Men: The Last Stand [2006] and X-Men: Dark Phoenix [2019]).  Comic book adaptations of X-Men texts created for other media as well as unproduced scripts may also be considered.


Specific dynamics/topics the editor is hoping to address include:

-        Issues of representation and the mutant metaphor (related to gender, race, sexuality, disability, etc.)

-        Continuity and aesthetics of X-Men animated series

-        Performative voice in podcasts and audiobooks

-        Convergence and divergence of comic book, film, and animation fandom communities (including fan fiction and cosplay)

-        History, ludology, and/or narratology of X-Men video games

-        Business of failed pilots and unmade franchise scripts

-        Serialization and intertextuality in the X-Men film universe

-        Transition of image to text in X-Men novels

-        Translation and localization in X-Men anime and manga

-        The art of action figures as adaptation


Those interested are asked to send an abstract (200-500 words) as well as a short bio to the editor, John Darowski, at:  The deadline for proposals is July 1, 2023.  All proposals will be adjudicated by June 15, 2023, with first drafts of accepted chapters due in Fall 2023.  Completed essays should be 15-20 double-spaced pages in MLA format.