Diaspora, Food, and Memory

deadline for submissions: 
May 30, 2023
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Zoe Antoinette Eddy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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This interdisciplinary volume seeks to bring multiple fields together in order to investigate diaspora, food, and memory. 

This volume takes a multi-field approach to answer the following three questions:


  1. How do diasporic communities use food to navigate a relationship with their homeland? 

  1. In what ways do diasporic foodways sustain and/or rupture cultural legacies?

  1. What are the relationships between food and cultural memory?


Proposal Notes

Potential contributors are also encouraged to think expansively on the definition of "diaspora." What does it mean to be a diasporic population? Who is neglected in narratives of diaspora? How do we define the boundaries of diaspora as they relate to food?

Potential themes might include but are not limited to:

  • Literatures of food and memory

  • Diasporic histories and culinary legacies

  • Food as resistance to systemic violence

  • Racism, food, and justice

  • The homeland versus the new home

  • Culinary innovation in response to diaspora

  • Recursive relationships between food and memory

  • Aesthetics of food in diasporic communities

  • Food, trauma, and culture

  • Culinary identities in blended communities

  • Kinship and food

  • Intergenerational navigations of diaspora

While theoretical explorations are welcome, so too are specific case studies.


Submission Guidelines

Writers from all fields are encouraged to submit a 250 word abstract, a preliminary bibliography (if relevant), and a bio of up to 150 words to zae.volume@gmail.com.

Creative works, including but not limited to poetry, visual arts, and narrative essays, will be considered. Please submit the finished work or a proposal for the finished work to zae.volume@gmail.com.

Academic and non-academic writers alike are encouraged to submit proposals. Similarly, scholars at any stage of their career, including undergraduate students, are welcome to apply.



  1. The submission deadline is May 30 2023. 

  2. Contributors will be notified by mid June of their acceptance or rejection.

  3. Proposals for the edited volume will be sent out to potential publishers in August. 

  4. Accepted authors should plan to complete the first draft of their chapter (4000‐6000 words, not including bibliography; shorter submissions considered depending on genre/field) by November 1, 2023. 

  5. More information on style and further deadlines will be forthcoming.

Finally, throughout the process, editorial mentorship can be provided for any contributors, particularly undergraduate students, looking for support.

Please submit all proposals and questions to zae.volume@gmail.com.


Zoe Antoinette Eddy, PhD


Assistant Teaching Professor

Department of Integrative and Global Studies, The Global School

Worcester Polytechnic Institute



Research Affiliate

Department of Anthropology

Harvard University