Call for Book Chapters: British Theatre and Young People: Theory and Performance in 21st Century

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September 5, 2023
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British Theatre and Young People: Theory and Performance in 21st Century
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Call for Book Chapters

British Theatre and Young People: Theory and Performance in 21st Century

The relationship between theatre and young people has a long and evolving history, which materializes a variety of theories and performances that place children and youth as the main focus of theatre art with diverse responsibilities such as audience, playwright, facilitator, critic, performer, etc. In 21st century, theatre about, for, by, and with young people is an art form in its own right and plays a significant role in both the creative arts industry and contemporary society. Despite the most recent local and global problems like the cuts of funds, and the close of performance venues during the coronavirus pandemic, it is still one of the most innovative and flourishing fields of contemporary theatrical practice in Britain. Local and mainstream theatre companies are finding new ways to reunite with young people who are still drawn to the immediacy of the dramatic experience despite the many distractions such as social media, etc.

This book aims to gather together new and original works on the issues, theories, practices, and perceptions which characterize British theatre about, for, by, and with young people in 21st century. The breadth of focus will primarily, but not limited to, the examinations of local, and mainstream theatre productions with different perspectives on diverse contentious issues such as violence, religion, discrimination, migration and citizenship, disability, addiction, sex and sexuality, multiculturalism, race, class, identity, inclusivity, globalization, empowerment, transformation, etc., which are conducted with a variety of purposes by performers in a broad range of settings.

Submission Details:

Proposals should be between 500-700 words and should clearly describe the author’s thesis and provide an overview of the proposed chapter’s structure. Completed chapters are also welcome. All proposals/chapters should be prepared for blind review, removing any reference to the author. As a separate document, authors should provide a short CV containing contact information and relevant publications and presentations.

Please note, submitted proposals/chapters should not have been previously published nor currently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Proposals/Chapters should follow APA 7 style.

Please email questions and submissions to the editor Dr. Uğur ADA,

Submission Deadlines:

Abstract/Chapter Due:                               15 September 2023

Notification of Acceptance:                        25 September 2023

Receiving Full Drafts of Chapters:            25 November 2023

Finalized Full Drafts of Chapters:             30 December 2023


About the Editor

Uğur ADA is currently working as Assistant Professor Doctor at Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University in Türkiye. He is currently the head of the department of Foreign Languages Education. His research areas focus on Contemporary British Theatre, Applied Theatre/Drama, In-Yer-Face Theatre, Theatre and Young Audience. Recent publications include Edward Bond: Bondian Drama and Young Audience (2023, in print, Vernon Press),  Eğitimde Tiyatro/Theatre in Education (TiE) (2021, PegemAkademi), Publications in the Field of Theatre: Bibliometric Analysis of International Theatre Studies (2022), “What Will It Be Next?”: The Process of ‘Dramatic Child’ in Edward Bond’s Eleven Vest  (2022),  The Representation of Time through Female Characters in Edward Bond’s Play, At The Inland Sea (2020).

About the Publisher

The complete manuscript is planned to be published by international publisher company which will be announced later.