Unpacking Henri Bergson: Shifting Perspectives

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May 31, 2023
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Nan Darbous Marthaller, MA / PAMLA
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Henri Bergson was a French philosopher and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1927. Bergson’s lectures were popular with not only academia, but public audiences as well. Bergson influenced the literary work of authors like Borges, Proust, and Woolf as well as the philosophical work of Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, and Deleuze. In addition, Bergson, a talented mathematician, debated Einstein on the nature of relativity. Bergson’s work has had instrumental influence in the virtual reality gaming industry. Considering Bergson’s influence in art and science, this panel offers unbounded opportunities to explore and unpack his narratives as they relate to any number of themes related to shifting perspectives.

This session will focus on the diverse work of Henri Bergson and its impact on new and emerging thought in various genres. The session strives to engage a broad opportunity for researchers to peruse and compare Bergson’s work with other philosophers, authors, or scientists, expand on Bergson's theories, demonstrate his influence, or illustrate how his influence shifted trending thought or established perspectives.

Scholars focusing on Bergson’s contemporaries might find opportunities for new avenues of discussion or elaborate on trending thought during Bergson’s tenure. Specific work by authors like Borges, Proust, Woolf and others can be explored for potential Bergson influence. Unpacking and exploring the work of Bergson is especially encouraged especially as it may demonstrate how perspectives may shift or change under the influence of time and/or memory.

Potential areas of interest are literature specific to time and/or memory, humor, philosophy, science, evolution and change, human experience, politics, religion, technology, virtual reality, and more. This session relates directly to the conference theme and papers showing the significance of Bergson’s work in shifting established perspectives or changing existing sentiments is strongly encouraged.


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