Cormac McCarthy: When the Man Comes Around | Kritikos – Intertheory Press | Online International Conference | 15 November 2023

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August 31, 2023
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Kritikos/Intertheory Press
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Cormac McCarthy: When the Man Comes Around (2023) is a one-day conference to be held on November 15, 2023 regarding the work of Cormac McCarthy (July 30, 1933 –).

Papers are invited that touch on his characteristic treatment of a variety of subjects within his body of work: masculinity, femininity and Stoicism (analytic and continental), writing, living and dying; the ontology, epistemology and literature of fate and identity; war and peace, film adaptations of his work, politics and sovereignty, science fiction, extreme phenomena (e.g. COVID-19, UFOs/UAPs, Earth’s heating climate, A.I., etc.), art, fiction and narrative, violence, law, power, metaphysics, critical inquiry and so on. 


A special print volume of selected conference papers will be published by Intertheory Press after the event, slated for release sometime in 2024.


Presentations will be streamed live over Zoom; 20 minutes are allocated for each presentation, with Q&A time up to twenty minutes, as needed; audience questions may be submitted via Zoom chat. The live Zoom presentations and Q&A will not be recorded by Intertheory Press or Kritikos. Participants are free to record presentations if they wish.

Paper submissions may be sent to

Conference registration is available here. The deadline is 31 August 2023.