Conrad and World Literature

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September 1, 2023
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Simla Dogangun / Marmara University
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Call for Papers: Conrad and World Literature Studies

The Conradian: The Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK)


Where does Conrad belong in the ongoing debates about world literature? Conrad may indeed be assured a canonical place in world literature given the influence, critical acclaim, global readership, and transcultural recognition of his works. Yet the traditional notion of a fixed and exclusive literary canon has been disrupted, if not entirely undone, by factors such as globalization, digitalization, and the proliferation of literary translations. What place does Conrad occupy within newer, non-Western conceptions of world literature? What role has Conrad (and Conrad studies) played in attempts to form a more inclusive and cosmopolitan understanding of world literature?

Guest editors Simla Dogangun and Chris GoGwilt invite submissions to a special issue of The Conradian devoted to the topic of Conrad and World Literature. Essays that recalibrate our understanding of Conrad in relation to new comparative critical frames of reference are especially welcome. The editors are interested in essays that either follow or critique David Damrosch's call for reimagining world literature "in a postcanonical, hypercanonical age."


Asst. Prof. Simla Dogangun,

Department of English Language and Literature, Marmara University, Turkey


Prof. Christopher GoGwilt

Department of English, Fordham University, the USA


Send expressions of interest (with short abstracts and biographical information) by September 1, 2023 to: and