Invite to submit to an upcoming in-person conference session, "Rethinking Critical Thinking and the Humanities." (October 2023, Portland OR; PAMLA)

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June 30, 2023
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Piers Armstrong
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Invite to submit to an upcoming in-person conference session, "Rethinking Critical Thinking and the Humanities."  (October 2023, Portland OR; PAMLA)


Dear colleague,


I have organized a round-table session to be held at the PAMLA 120th Annual Conference (Portland, OR) – October 26-29, 2023.


PAMLA is the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association. You can read about PAMLA here.  PAMLA is an MLA affiliate org but very different in flavor. The conference is not too big (you commune with and get to know a good range of people) and not too small (it's well organized and has a good range of content).  It is led by an Executive Director, Craig Svonkin, who energetically curates the sessions so that they really work just about as well as possible. This approach is pretty unique on the conference circuit. So the whole event is critically savvy but also socially informal and fun.  And this year it's in Portland (Oregon, not Maine) – one of those special cities for its unique cultural life.


As the title indicates, this session is around the theme of Critical Thinking. But Critical Thinking (CT) is relevant to those working specifically in in universities and community colleges in Composition, Rhetoric, literary and cultural criticism, and in foreign language instruction and ESL. If you consider that your real field of interest only relates to "Critical Thinking" by extension, that is fine – the whole point is that CT is vitally related to all pedagogical and scholarly fields but is almost never the nominal topic.


This  is a "round-table" session, meaning we include time for free discussion among participants and attendees.


The full session description can be viewed at the session link (


If you have an interest in this, please submit a proposal before June 20, 2023 – submit via the session link


If you have any questions in advance, email me at, or one of my institutional emails.


Feel free to share this announcement.


Piers Armstrong

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