Research Trends in Literature and Linguistics

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August 28, 2023
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Iterative International Publishers
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Research Trends in Literature and Linguistics

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Last date for chapter submission:28th August 2023
Publication month: December 2023

The Edited Book titled "Research Trends in Literature and Linguistics" is an international scholarly publication covering a wide range of topics in linguistics and literature research. IIP invites researchers to submit articles for consideration. Its goal is to support researchers through the dissemination of information, research findings, and practice. This book facilitates the publication of original articles, reports of professional experience, comments, and reviews. The target audience includes researchers, academics, teachers, and postgraduate and undergraduate students in language and literature faculties of higher educational establishments and other academic institutions. We invite submissions relating to a wide range of languages, addressing the many and varied issues of linguistic science. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Text and discourse studies
Language and culture studies
Terminology, lexicology, lexicography, linguistic anthropology
The theory and practice of translation
Cross-cultural communication
Cognitive linguistics
Communicative linguistics
Corpus linguistics
Applied linguistics
Methodology of language teaching and learning
Literature studies


Author Benefits:
1. Peer reviewed publication
2. Selected chapters will be indexed in RSquareL and other indexing platforms including Amazon, Google Books etc. 3. Dual mode publication (One as an edited book with ISBN and another one as a Journal paper with ISSN)
4. DOI allotment to each chapter
5. Open access mode of publication in IIP Digital library
6. Optimised searching options to increase the visibility of the work to readers and other researchers which helps in citations
7. Unique dashboard to Author & Easy paper / chapter management system with transparency of the process including peer review
9. Adds points to API as per NAAC & NBA (India) and other accreditation bodies from abroad
10. One complimentary copy per chapter registration
11. Certificate to all authors who contributed chapter(s)

Chapter submission procedure:

Step 1: Go to IIP website
Step 2: Register in the portal by clicking on Signup
Step 3: You can submit chapter at your dashboard or directly through IIP website after you login
Step 4: Click on submit chapter for edited book
Step 5: Select the book series title along with Book Series ID to which you wish to submit
Step 6: Upload all necessary details along with your chapter in word file format. Refer IIP Paper format at download in IIP Website
Support from IIP to the Editors & Authors
• Reviewing support from IIP Reviewers
• Plagiarism checking service
• Submission management Registration management Individual dashboard

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Registration fee: INR. 2000/- which includes processing fee with all above mentioned supporting services, Certificate hard copy to all authors, one complimentary copy of the book series per registration.
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