Seeking Submissions for Conflict, Trauma and Mental Health: Studying Psychosocial Well Being amidst Civilian Youth in Conflict Regions

deadline for submissions: 
June 25, 2023
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United India Anthropology Forum
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Convenors: Dr. Kalindi Sharma, Assistant Professor, IHBAS


Co- Convenor: Dr. Urfat Anjem Mir, School of Liberal Studies, Dr B R Ambedkar University Delhi, India


This panel aims to put forth an engaging discussion on psychosocial wellbeing of civilian youth in conflict ridden regions around the world. One of the primary concerns among non-combatant youth in conflict zones is their constant exposure to physical and psychological trauma in varying degrees. The regular exposure to violence leads to long term psychological, emotional, and even biological consequences for the victims to an extent where violence often gets normalized within the socio-cultural fabric of the community. The panel intends to engage with discussions about how notions of suffering and trauma diverge across caste, class, religion, economic status, gender, and other socio-demographic indicators. This conversation about the exposure of children and youth to violence cannot remain confined to a singular discipline hence the panel would bring together scholars and researchers from diverse backgrounds to deliberate about the problems, prospects, and paradigms of psychosocial wellbeing of the youth in conflict ridden regions. As is evident there are limited insights with regard to research in trauma and psychological impacts of conflict amidst children and youth in general. Additionally, not enough focus has been put in establishing a vulnerability profile of young people exposed to war and conflicts, or in endeavouring to understand the protective mechanisms of their families and kinship networks, and their own perceptions of trauma and individual coping strategies. All a priori research undertaken so far in the area are limited to biomedical research or to a strictly psychiatric/psychological understanding of trauma in conflict ridden areas. The panel thereby proposes to address such gaps and encourage trans and multidisciplinary exchanges. It also aims to introduce dialogues on ideas of memory, social suffering, and ethics in the said area.


Keywords - Trauma Studies, Mental Health and Youth, Mental Health in Conflict Regions

Themes –

  1. Vulnerability Profile of Youth in Conflict affected Regions
  2. Trauma Memory and Recollections
  3. Ethics in Research on Human Subjects in Conflict/ War afflicted Regions
  4. Isolated exposure vs Regular Exposure to violence in Conflict afflicted Regions
  5. Conflicts, Wars, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Civilian Youth
  6. Cultural Meaning of Trauma and Violence & the Notion of Social Suffering
  7. Role of Family and Community in Coping with Trauma
  8. Social Coping Mechanisms and Resilience to Trauma among Civilian Youth in Conflict Regions
  9. Multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to conflict and trauma studies



The panel aims to be a forum for knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences between the participants. It will also be an opportunity to publish selected papers in a special issue of a established journal or as an edited book.


Abstract Submission Guidelines: The word limit for the abstract should be between 250-300 words. The abstract should include outline of research in clear and precise manner.


Last Date for Submission of Abstract: 25th June, 2023


Notification for Acceptance of Abstract: 10th July, 2023


Last Date for Paper Submission: 20th July, 2023


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You may contact the conveners in case of technical concerns while submitting the abstract or during the registration.