Ushering in a New Era: How David Lowery’s The Green Knight Exposes (In)Security

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July 30, 2023
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Melissa Crofton/SAMLA 95
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When it comes to (In)Security, David Lowery sets the bar high in The Green Knight, a subversive adaptation of the medieval romance that has captured readers’ attention for nearly seven hundred years—Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Those familiar with the poem know all too well that Gawain displays moments of insecurity when faced with a beheading from the Green Knight, but Lowery’s vision of the titular character, played by Dev Patel, radiates insecurity with every decision he makes. His weaknesses become even more apparent when paired with the empowering characters that pose a threat to his masculinity—both those original to the poem, and additions Lowery makes to his version of the tale. Last year’s SAMLA call for papers, “Out With the Old, In With the New: Changing Trajectories in David Lowery’s Green Knight,” was so popular that we were able to form two panels, and we look forward to continuing our lively discussion of the film, with the hope of welcoming new participants.

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