Gendered Marginalities at the Border(s): Intersections, Hegemony and Resistance in Contemporary Asia

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August 16, 2023
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Dr Amina Hussain/ Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi

Gendered Marginalities at the Border(s): Intersections, Hegemony and Resistance in Contemporary Asia


This interdisciplinary anthology delves into the intricate cultural narratives that arise at the intersections between national borders and gender minorities within the geopolitical and geo-cultural dimensions of Asia. Embracing a broad definition of 'gender minority,' encompassing femininities, masculinities, and non-binary identities that challenge heterosexist and patriarchal norms, the anthology invites explorations of diverse expressions of gendered and marginalized sexualities. Drawing inspiration from the nuanced connections between 'sex' and 'gender,' as theorized by scholars like Rubin (1975) and Reddy (2006), this collection seeks to uncover narratives that range from unconventional manifestations of female desire and homosociality to asexuality.

In addition to gender and sexuality, this project critically engages with the expanding field of Border studies, examining the intricate relationships between personhood and nationhood. It probes how gender and sexual identities intersect, conflict, or converge with national borders, security concerns, and issues of citizenship. Moreover, the anthology extends its purview to encompass a multifaceted conceptualization of 'border,' inviting essays that explore experiences and relationships that challenge or reconstruct public-private boundaries within familial, professional, and communal spaces. Building upon the scholarship of Houtam(2017), the collection invites contributions that shed light on intra-personal and inter-personal dynamics in these border-crossing contexts.

The anthology also draws on the influential borderlands theory of Gloria Anzaldúa, a pioneering Chicana feminist thinker. Anzaldúa's concept of the borderlands invites us to examine the transformative power that emerges within liminal spaces. 


This interdisciplinary anthology aims to explore the expanding field of Border studies and its intersections with gender and sexuality, shedding light on the complexities of personhood, nationhood, and the diverse experiences of gender minorities in border contexts.

We encourage contributions that delve into themes including, but not limited to:


• Mapping Borderland Identities and Resistance: Exploring the formation and negotiation of gendered identities within the borderlands of Asia and the ways in which gender minorities challenge dominant narratives and power dynamics.


• Transnationalism and Migration: Investigating the experiences of gender minorities in navigating transnational spaces, cross-border movements, and diaspora communities, considering issues of mobility, displacement, and transnational belonging.


• Cultural Expressions and Representations: Analyzing literary, artistic, and cultural productions that reflect and resist gendered borderlands in Asia, exploring how these expressions contribute to identity formation and resistance.


• Rights, Citizenship, and Inclusion: Examining the complexities of citizenship, legal frameworks, and the pursuit of rights and recognition for gender minorities in border contexts, with a focus on issues of belonging, exclusion, and legal reforms.


• Digital Activism and Virtual Communities: Exploring the role of digital platforms, social media, gaming narratives and online communities in mobilizing activism, organizing, and amplifying the voices of gender minorities at the borders, considering the opportunities and challenges they present.


• Violence, Security, and Vulnerability: Investigating the various forms of violence faced by gender minorities at border regions, including physical, psychological, and structural violence, and the implications for their security, safety, and well-being.


• Intersectionality and Multiple Marginalities: Examining how gender minorities navigate intersecting forms of oppression and privilege, considering the interplay of gender with race, class, religion, disability, and other axes of identity within the context of borderlands.


• Reimagining Spaces and Norms: Analyzing how gender minorities disrupt and challenge societal norms, power structures, and binaries within various contexts in the borderlands, with a focus on transforming spaces and dismantling oppressive norms.


• Corporeality and Embodiments: Investigating the diverse spectrum of Body Culture, Disability Studies, Reproductive rights, Health Care Policies, analyzing narratives that engage with psychosomatic and somatopsychic drawing of borders and politics of exclusion


• Environmental Borders and Ecological Justice: Exploring the gendered dimensions of environmental issues, climate change, and ecological disruptions within border regions, and their implications for gender minorities and ecological justice.


• Education and Knowledge Production: Examining the impact of border contexts on education, knowledge production, and the construction of gendered narratives, considering the challenges and opportunities for gender minorities in accessing education and shaping knowledge.



This anthology aims to offer a multidimensional understanding of the experiences of gender minorities at the border(s), their negotiations of identity and belonging, and their resistance against oppressive narratives and structures. By exploring the complex intersections of gender, sexuality, and borders in Asia, this collection seeks to contribute to the existing scholarship and create a space for critical dialogue and engagement.We are further pleased to announce that this book project, "Gendered Marginalities at the Border(s): Intersections, Resistance, and Identities in Contemporary Asia," is expected to be published by Routledge, a renowned academic publisher known for its commitment to advancing scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. 




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• Abstract Submission Deadline: August 16th, 2023 (Word Limit: 250-300)• Acceptance Notification: August 26th, 2023• Full Paper Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2023(Word Limit: 4500-5000)• Email for Submission and Queries:


• Dr.Oindri Roy, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Aliah University• Dr. Amina Hussain, Assistant Professor, Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia