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July 7, 2023
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Upasana Ray
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‘Feminism’ , according to the Oxford Dictionary , is defined as a “belief in and advocacy of
the political , economic and social equality of the sexes expressed especially through
organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests”. From the various
spheres of feminism , ‘feminine feminism’ has become a quite attractive topic ,
especially among women . It suggests women not to sacrifice her identity for the
patriarchal society , both physically and mentally , be powerful and strong . Though ,
it is a complex notion as femininity is a feeling and not a concrete thing , but it, at
the same time , also inspires to not to sacrifice the ‘girly’ features thus expected from
a girl or may be from a third gender person . As can be seen from the short story
“Three Women” taken from Laburnum – For My Head by Temsula Ao , the story
shows , how three different woman can preserve their femininity in three different
ways breaking the walls of patriarchy . ‘Motherhood’ , one of the main facets of
femininity is portrayed in a very beautiful and ‘Natural’ way where women are
compared to Nature , to the ‘crushed leaves’ of Earth i.e. Mother Earth , their smell
to the smell of ‘leaves’ , where the voice of Nature mingles with the voice of the
sweet feminine world of the females and where the patriarchal world has no space to
intrude . ‘Feminine feminism’ does not force females to be harsh , rude or dress like
males . It allows women to be the way they want to be , giving them a ‘choice’ to
lead their own life in their own way . It gives much more freedom to women and
picturises the age-old proverb in a new way , “Sometimes , silence is the best
reply.” , stating that silent or meek females who may not be necessarily a wrestler or
a fighter are alone sufficient to combat the toxicity of the patriarchal world . It
allows the society to normalize the concept of ‘single motherhood’ as all women are
personifications of the Natural world . In other words , it’s about respecting diverse
women experiences , identities , knowledge and strength , for empowering all women,
so that , they can , at the same time , realise their rights and interests and fight for themselves in their own way .