FILM & HISTORY: Northeast Popular Culture Association (NEPCA) virtual conference Oct. 12 14

deadline for submissions: 
August 1, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Michael Modarelli, Walsh University
contact email: 

ONLINE Film & History Section - October 12-14 2023

Call for 15-20 minute papers/presentations online format. While this area welcomes presentations on a wide range of film topics contributing to popular culture, we are epically interested in papers that explore the following:

  • Popular historical genres of the American studio era and their social values (Warner Bros focus on gangsters, Universal’s catalogue of monster films, MGM’s musicals, etc.)
  • America as historical “home” as depicted through a specific genre, film or filmmaker, where each era has different representations of what it means to be home - for example, the Roaring 1920s, Great Depression, World War II and postwar years, Cold War, etc.
  • Examples of the relationship between history and film in the European context - for example, European cinema and war: How does European cinema (re)write film/production/reception histories in a time of war?
  • The relationship between history and film using exemplary works of the world cinema, for example, the relationship of history and film beyond Europe, i.e., in the US, Latin America, or other regions.
  • Examples in the history of genre – for example the history of Film Noir from German Expressionism through the American 1950s.

Proposals need to be submitted via the NEPCA website.