ICMS 2024: The Brut Across Disciplinary, Generic, and Territorial Borders

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September 15, 2023
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Society for International Brut Studies
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Popularized by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his History of the Kings of Britain (1136), the legendary history of the Britons known as the Brut was read, translated, supplemented, and transformed through many languages, genres, and art media, during the Medieval and Early Modern periods.  The Brut, including the Arthuriad, has accordingly been the subject of a considerable amount of scholarship and criticism, examining its lasting influence on history, poetry, art, and culture of the regions where it circulated.  This session continues the scholarly conversations on the Brut introduced at the 2021 Brut in New Troy conference and welcomes papers that take an interdisciplinary, multilingual, and/or inter-generic approach to the Brut.  Possible topics include: the relationship between texts and manuscript illuminations, multilingualism of the Brut texts, the Brut tradition as history and poetry, and Brut texts transmitted and read in border areas, such as the marchlands between England and Wales.  We will also consider studies of post-medieval authorship, reception, and transmission of Brut texts and manuscripts.

For information, contact

Kenneth Tiller

Professor of English

University of Virginia-Wise

Wise, VA 24293