Self translation: brokering originality in hybrid cultures

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2023
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Independant scholars

This call for papers aims at bringing efforts geared towards the study of a much-neglected field of translation which is self-translation. Self-translation may look transparent and easy in terms of definition: an author or a writer translates his work into another language. This of course involves a bilingual attempt: an author writes a text in Arabic and then translates it into English or any other language. What are the problematics involved in this attempt is the main theme of this call for paper which will gather contributions in a publishable special issue once the reviews are completed. So, we invite abstracts of 300 words and the contributor’s brief bio to be sent to: by 30th  of July 2023 and the full paper by 20th  of November 2023

To stimulate discussion and ideas about this barely discussed issue in our departments, contributors are encouraged to read the book entitled: Self-Translation: Brokering Originality in Hybrid Culture as it discussed very important issues that will form the backbone of this call for paper, “Self-Translation: Brokering originality in hybrid culture provides critical, historical and interdisciplinary analyses of self-translators and their works. It investigates the challenges which the bilingual oeuvre and the experience of the self-translator pose to conventional definitions of translation and the problematic dichotomies of "original" and" translation", "author" and "translator".”


So, we welcome all contributions from all perspectives, linguistics, Translation and literature as the issue of self-translation manifests itself