Neural Networks and Technology: Media, Social Impact and the Future of Human Interaction

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May 15, 2024
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Galactica Media
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In this thematic issue, we explore the role of neural networks and technologies in media and social life. Considering the rapid development of information technology and artificial intelligence, our society is undergoing fundamental changes in the ways of interaction and communication. We invite authors to consider the deep and all-encompassing influence of neural networks on the formation and perception of media, their role in social interaction, and the changes that neural networks and technology bring to our daily lives.


List of issues for discussion

– Neural networks and technologies in media: media analytics, automation and content generation;

– Social networks and artificial intelligence: problems and prospects;

– Personalization of content using neural networks: technologies and impact on the audience;

– The role of artificial intelligence in spreading and combating fake news;

– Neural networks and technologies in education: new forms of learning and their social consequences;

– Machine learning and big data in advertising and marketing: impact on consumer behavior;

– Neural networks and their role in digital activism;

– Ethics and privacy issues in the era of artificial intelligence and neural networks;

– Artificial intelligence and social change: visions of the future;

– Neural networks and psychology: impact on social interaction and self-perception;


Submission of Manuscripts

All materials for publication in the Galactica Media journal should be submitted through our online application system at: This will ensure a more efficient review and publication process for your article.

Please indicate in the comments for the editor that your material is intended for consideration in the special issue of the journal “Neural Networks and Technology: Media, Social Impact, and the Future of Human Interaction”. This will help us correctly identify and process your application within the framework of this special issue.

Thank you for your attention to these instructions and we eagerly await your valuable scientific materials.


Submission Deadlines

The deadline for submissions to this special issue: 15 May 2024