Call for Book chapters on : Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Memory Studies in Digital Age

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August 31, 2023
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Centre for Memory Studies and Storytelling, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology
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Book Title: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Memory Studies in Digital Age

(Routledge publication)


Editors: Dr.D.Sudha Rani, Dr.Rachel Irdayaraj, Coordinators -Centre for Memory Studies and Storytelling, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering And Technology, Hyderabad



Memory studies as a branch of knowledge needs a lot of focus from multidisciplinary perspectives. This book deals with an understanding of interdisciplinary perspective of Memory studies. This book is an attempt to examine and define who we are and brings multiple scholars onto one platform to discuss, debate and understand the various story telling strategies adapted by different communities, regions and nations to preserve their memories. The investigations ranged from oral history, life writings, to testimony and cultural representations of diverse communities. This book intends to explore Memory Studies from unique story-telling techniques adopted across nations, regions and societies; memory strategies of a diverse population; storytelling techniques in different communities and the impact and ramifications of digital technology on cultural memory and storytelling.


This book aims to comprehend this intersection of memory with digital technology and storytelling from interdisciplinary perspectives. Memory Studies is so young and slippery that it is difficult to envision its productive future, so we require multiple voices and scholars to contribute to this field and this book is one such attempt. This book looks at the role and impact of digital technologies on Memory Studies. Rather it gives vent to the comprehension of Memory Studies during the digital age where we are surrounded by technology which has an integral role to play in what is remembered, the form in which it is stored, and later how it will be retrieved. And majority of these recollections are narrated, therefore anything that we are trying to record, repeat, recollect or reinvent, has storytelling as an intrinsic element. At the same time, we cannot discuss personal, generational or public memory separately from the enormous influence of the new media as a significant carrier of all forms of memory.


The book is inviting chapter proposals from Indian Scholars following the below themes but not restricting to them.


  1. Memory studies-praxis and theories
  2. Qualitative research in memory studies of nations, region and communities.
  3. Impact of digital technologies on memory and memory studies.
  4. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy of memory studies.
  5. The interdisciplinary character of the memory linking itself to psychology, sociology, history, identity studies, literary studies, urban history, space history, media studies to discourse analysis.


Please submit abstracts (no longer than 300 words with 5 key words) of your proposed book chapters, together with a short biographical note, by  30th August 2023 to:

Deadline for submission of abstracts - 30th August 2023

acceptance of abstracts -   10th September 2023

Submission of full papers - 10th November 2023