Call for Chapters - Dark Reflections: Edited Collection

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2023
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Stuart Joy/Solent University, Southampton
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The editors of this important volume are putting together a collection of essays on Dark (2017-2020) for publication which is currently entitled Dark Reflections. Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, Netflix's groundbreaking German original series, Dark, premiered in 2017, and spanned three thought-provoking seasons. Set in the small town of Winden, the series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a child and the subsequent unraveling of family secrets spanning several generations. As the story unfolds, intricate time loops and paradoxes emerge, propelling the characters into a tangled web of interconnected destinies.

The editors invite proposals for essays of between 6000-8000 words on topics connected to the series including but not limited to:

  1. Non-linear narrative and time travel as storytelling devices, and their impact on viewer's perception of time in Dark.
  2. Intergenerational trauma, character development, family ties
  3. Philosophical concepts (determinism, free will, predestination, and human experience of time) explored in Dark.
  4. Mythological references and symbolism's contribution to deeper meaning in Dark's storyline.
  5. Dark's significance in German television and global audience reception
  6. Cult Television: Analyzing the cult following and influence of Dark as a TV series.
  7. Nuclear Themes: Uncovering the role and significance of nuclear elements
  8. Visual and auditory aspects (cinematography, sound design, colour etc) evaluation in Dark.
  9. Religious themes (sacrifice, redemption, reincarnation etc)
  10. Dark's blending of genres (science fiction, thriller, and crime drama) for a unique storytelling experience.
  11. 1980s Nostalgia and Emotional Resonance
  12. Whiteness: The implications of the show's whiteness on storytelling and how it may intersect with power dynamics and representation in the narrative, and subsequently impact the perception of diverse audiences.

The volume is edited by Dr Stuart Joy, author of The Traumatic Screen: The Films of Christopher Nolan (2020) and co-editor of Through the Black Mirror: Deconstructing the Side Effects of the Digital Age (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), Contemporary American Science Fiction Film (Routledge, 2022), alongside Associate Professor Roy Hanney, an interdisciplinary researcher and practitioner with expertise in interactive storytelling, experience design, transmedia, and media practice education.

Submission Guidelines:

Interested authors are invited to submit abstracts of no more than 500 words. Abstracts should be sent simultaneously to the following email addresses: and

Ensure that all abstracts are submitted in MS Word format, including the following information in the specified order:

a) Author(s)

b) Affiliation

c) Email address

d) Title of proposal

e) Body of proposal (500 words)

f) Up to 10 keywords

g) brief bio (150 words)

Please also attach an academic CV

The deadline for proposal submissions is 31st December 2023. Proposals accepted will be notified by 15th January 2024. Additionally, please note that the expected submission of full chapters for accepted proposals is by the end of July 2024. We appreciate your interest and look forward to receiving your contributions.

If you have any enquiries or require further assistance, feel free to contact the editors.