Comics Get Medieval 2023: New Work on the Comics Medium in Medieval Studies (virtual) (8/15/2023; ICSM 10/26-28/2023)

deadline for submissions: 
August 15, 2023
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Michael Torregrossa / Medieval Comics Project

Comics Get Medieval 2023: New Work on the Comics Medium in Medieval Studies (virtual)


Call for Papers - Please Submit Proposals by 15 August 2023

The Medieval in Cyberspace: 2023 International Conference for the Study of Medievalism

The UNICORN Castle (

Online event: Thursday, 26 October, through Saturday, 28 October, 2023


Comics Get Medieval 2023: New Work on the Comics Medium in Medieval Studies (virtual)


Sponsoring Organization: Medieval Comics Project

Organizers: Michael A. Torregrossa, Richard Scott Nokes, and Carl Sell


The comics medium offers a wealth of material of relevance to medievalists from comic-like art and illustrations from the Middle Ages to post-medieval cartoons, comics, and related media. Comics from the medieval era present unique insights into the past and allow us to forge a connection with those that lived then through a now-familiar artform. Meanwhile, modern comics with medieval themes adapt, appropriate, and transform the medieval bringing history, legends, literature, myths, and personages to life through disparate formats and genres presented for audiences across the globe. 


In this session, we seek to celebrate and explore the variety and vitality of medieval comics (both those from the medieval past as well as contemporary ones) and to share that material with our colleagues to promote further debate, discussion, and inquiry and to, hopefully, inspire future research and teaching.


Topics might include:


  • Creating medieval or medieval-themed comics 

  • Sharing resources for accessing medieval or medieval-themed comics 

  • Study of a particular character across a series or variety of comics

  • Study of a particular creator of comics

  • Study of a particular series of comics

  • Using medieval comics in the classroom or for research 

  • Using medieval-themed comics in the classroom or for research


We are especially seeking coverage on comics from outside the United States. We also welcome assistance through bibliographies, interviews, and/or resource guides that can be shared with our audience.


All proposals for the session must be submitted directly to the organizers, at, by 15 August 2023.  

Please check out our growing resources on medieval-themed comics at the Medieval Comics Project ( and the Arthurian Comics Project ( websites. We also maintain two listservs of relevance–both the Medieval Comics Discussion List (at and the Arthurian Comics Discussion List (at welcome new members. : 


Thank you for your interest in our session. Please address questions and/or concerns to the organizers at