New Directions in Eighteenth-Century Visual Culture

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September 15, 2023
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ASECS 2024 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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During a roundtable discussion (now published in Journal18), scholars pointed out that visual culture emerged as a distinct methodology. Visual culture aims to problematize the Eurocentric, colonialist, racist, heteronormative, and patriarchal assumptions that enforced and continue to enforce the art historical discipline. This panel continues and expands these crucial conversations by exploring the relationship between art history and visual culture during the long eighteenth-century. In refusing to understand “Visual Culture” as a mere synonym for “Art History,” this panel also resists the urge to take the “global eighteenth-century” as an easy solution for addressing methodological complicities in perpetuating dominating cultural practices, universalizing assumptions, and imaginary imperial centers. How might visual culture afford new vantage points for thinking and writing about eighteenth-century art by drawing on intersectional feminism, ecocriticism, anti-racist tactics, contemporary artistic practices, or the digital humanities? What can visual culture do for thinkers who want to dismantle disciplinary boundaries, hierarchical mediums, and understandings of artworks as inherently static objects? This panel is particularly invested in contributions from interdisciplinary scholars outside of art history who want to interrogate the long standing art historical assumptions that developed during the eighteenth century. 

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