Perspectives Issue 4: Climate Change and Sustainability

deadline for submissions: 
September 10, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi

Perspectives – A Peer-Reviewed, Bilingual, Interdisciplinary E-Journal

Janki Devi Memorial College 

University of Delhi 

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Perspectives is a bilingual double-blind peer-reviewed, annual E-journal published by Janki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi with eISSN 2583 - 4762. 

Recent dramatic and catastrophic climatic events have brought the issue of climate change and sustainable development to the forefront of scholarship. It is being increasingly recognised that any meaningful understanding of and progress against this impending ecological crisis requires a significant engagement with the intersectionality of the environment and diverse material, ideal and practical processes. Any discussion must therefore recognise the need for an ecological dialogue between society and the environment and must take into account not only the geopolitical practices but also the socio-cultural processes which have led to the current ecological decline. Furthermore, scholars, planners and policy makers alike must focus attention on the global south and engage with the prevailing inequalities and realities that have arisen from historical and ideological processes aimed at capitalist domination and modernity. Thus while engaging with the issue of climate catastrophe it is imperative to remember the past, while imagining a future which is progressive, diverse and inclusive. The post-industrial developmental ethos which drove the Anthropocene era, must also be questioned, albeit with caution. 

We invite original and unpublished research papers and review articles from various disciplines of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences on the theme of Climate change and sustainability for publication in the forthcoming issue to be released in May 2024. The articles should be original research work revolving around the theme of the issue.

A list of suggested topics has also been provided below. 

● Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies 

● Biodiversity Conservation 

● Sustainable Energy 

● Circular Economy and Resource Management 

● Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems 

● Water Resources and Management 

● Environmental Policy and Governance 

● Urbanization and Sustainable Cities 

● Environmental Education and Communication 

● Social Equity and Environmental Justice 

● Climate Change and Health 

● Green Technology and Innovation 

● Sustainable Tourism 

● Climate Finance and Investment 

● Sustainable Consumption and Consumer Behaviour 

● Environmental Ethics and Philosophy 

● Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Ecological Practices 

● Climate Change and International Relations 

● Green Business and Corporate Sustainability 

● Ecofeminism 

● Ecocriticism 

● Ecosystems and folklore 

● Ecosystems and linguistic practices 

● Translation and conservation practices 

● Man and environment in history 

● Anthropocene and human agency 

Guidelines for submission 

1. Manuscripts (including references) should be prepared in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman font, 12 point size, and should be sent to us via email. 

2. The text should be submitted only when it is complete in all respects, including all relevant preliminary matter, all documents provided by the publisher (including illustrations and copyright permissions, Contract, etc). 

3. Preliminary matter should include all of the following and in this order:

  • The title page with the title and subtitle and your name as author or editor
  • List of abbreviations, plates, figures, maps and tables. 
  • An abstract of 150-200 words. 
  • Please provide 80‐100 word bionote with postal address, e‐mail and phone details. This note should be on a separate document, not included in the main body of the paper. 
  • Name of the contributor should not appear anywhere in the main body of the paper. 
  • The papers will be sent for blind peer review after being selected for publication. The decision of the editorial board will be final in accepting or rejecting the article. 

Email address for submission of abstracts:

Final date for submission of abstracts: September 10, 2023 

Intimation of acceptance of abstracts: September 30, 2023 

Final Date for submission of papers: November 15, 2023 

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