Global Petrarch(s) and Petrarchism @ ICMS (Kalamazoo)

deadline for submissions: 
September 15, 2023
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Alani Hicks-Bartlett

2024 International Congress of Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo)

This panel invites papers considering the global reach and expanse of Petrarch and Petrarchan concepts, as reflected in: 1.) the poet’s work itself, 2.) his engagement with other literary and linguistic traditions, and 3.) intertextual responses to his work. Countering longstanding perceptions of an “insular” Petrarch who primarily gazes inward while losing sight of other perspectives and horizons, this panel considers the sociopolitical, transhistorical, comparative, intertextual, interlinguistic, and plurilinguistic frameworks that permit an understanding of a more capacious Petrarch—a Petrarch who can be understood “globally,” so to speak, in both his Latin and vernacular writings.

Indeed, from the historical, intertextual, and geographical “terrain” he covers in the Africa, to his numerous complaints about religion, empire, military arts and expansion in his letters; and from his deep investment in classical and troubadour commonplaces, to the polyvocality and varying descriptions of sociopolitical identity of the Trionfi and the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, a Petrarch with explicitly global concerns and investments can and should be charted.

Comparative, interdisciplinary, and transhistorical approaches, as well as papers examining the polyphonic nature of Petrarch’s work and his plurilinguistic borrowings are heartily encouraged. Papers offering critical interventions engaging with contemporary theory and considering Petrarch’s work alongside and against non-Western languages and literatures are also very welcome.


Deadline for Submissions:

The deadline for proposals is Thursday, Sept. 15.
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Please follow the ICMS guidelines and instructions for submission: 2023_0.pdf
This panel is open to medievalists from all fields, backgrounds, and affiliations.