Woman Scream Call for Poets and Visual Artists 2023

deadline for submissions: 
September 16, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Woman Scream Festival
contact email: 

Word and Visual Artists over eighteen and from anywhere in the world, are invited to send a proposal of visual art or poetry, to the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer) cause, in its thirteenth anniversary and to raise awareness about women violence as part of its social mission.

The work submitted might become part of our next international anthology in tribute to women and their rights to a life free from violence. Submissions must meet the following requirements:





Please send one (1) poem (up to two pages) written or translated into English that has not been included in any of our earlier anthologies, with a topic related to the Woman Scream Festival. Explicit sexuality and violence must be avoided. It could be a previously published piece. Submissions should speak to the need for women to scream for their rights, raise morale and self-esteem, or embody a message of hope. * (See below for submission format).



-Visual Art:


Participating categories: Painting, illustration, digital art and/or drawing.

Submit only one (1) digital file per participating art or illustration, in high resolution. It must stand for one or more female figure and must be related to any of the Woman Scream Festival’s themes. Also, must be suitable for all audiences and social networks sharing and must not represent violence or explicit sexuality in any shape or form *. (See submission format below).


Our team will choose the cover of the book among the works received as long as we show interest in any works submitted. In this case, the selected artist will be featured in the book along with their photo and biography.


*We will be selecting based on quality, theme’s relevance to our cause and guidelines complying. We reserve the admission right to reject any work that does not stand for the purpose of this call.



-About the Anthology:


The resulting book will be edited and printed exclusively under demand. We will not handle any copies. The book will be available for purchase to participating artists and the public through Amazon.com. You won’t need to buy a copy to participate. All fund raised as result of this book, will be destined to creating more opportunities for artists to participate in our projects.


No communication will be held with participants. The list of selected submissions, as well as the book details, will be public at our webpage www.gritodemujer.com once the selection is made.





-Requirements to participate:





-Send one (1) poem related to the Woman Scream Festival that has not taken part in any of our earlier anthologies.

-Extension: Up to two pages (No micro poetry, please).

- Avoid writing entirely in capital letters.



Visual Art:


-Send one (1) work per artist.

- Jpeg or. Png photography, in High Resolution at 300 DPI.



-Sending format:



If you send art, please paste the link to the artwork from any archive platform, so we can view it or download it in the form supplied below.

If you send poetry, paste the text in the corresponding line in the form shown below:


• Use the form inserted below this call post at our webpage www.womanscreamfestival.com, click menu options “Join the cause!” and then click “Call for Submissions.”


-You will receive a reception response within the form once you click the send button. That will be your only notification. We will not be sending confirmation by mail, nor will be receiving submissions by email.






This call expires on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Dominican Republic time. Works sent after that date will be rejected without exception.


Thanks for taking part!



*Important notes:



• By sending your poem or art, you understand that you authorize the Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI, Inc. foundation and the Woman Scream (Grito de Mujer®) Festival, to publish virtually, digitally, or in printed the poem or art sent to this call. This implies the non reception of royalties nor any other form of compensations for the promotion and distribution of it, in favor of our projects and the publication of the resulting anthology. You understand you keep all rights to your poem or art once the book gets published.

• We reserve the right to reject any submission that does not meet these requirements. If your proposal is not selected, remember we always have other calls.