Vampire Studies (PCA/ACA National Conference) March 27-30 2024

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Popular Culture Association
contact email: 


The Vampire Studies Area of the PCA welcomes papers, presentations, panels, and roundtable discussions that cover all aspects of the vampire as it appears throughout global culture.

The complicated issue of consent is central to all vampire texts, from being fed upon, to being transformed (infected) without consent or one that is informed, freely given, by individuals responsible for negotiating, maintaining, and communicating their on-going consent. In various media and art, sexual assault is often used as a narrative device to motivate characters, as an initiator of power, or the beginnings of a revenge narrative arc.  This year we specifically welcome papers, panel presentations, or creative pieces that grapple and explore the ways in which consent functions in vampire narratives. We encourage scholars to consider the ways that power dynamics, social identities, and cultural contexts have shaped conversations over time about consent within vampire tales.

We also look forward to submissions addressing media focusing on the ways in which vampires explore issues of race, ethnicity, and inclusion.  

As well as this broad theme we also encourage papers, presentations, and panels that cover any of the following:

  • Products where sexual violence is used as a core narrative trope or motivating factor ie Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.
  • The vampire bite and consent in shows like the Vampire Diaries, True Blood, First Kill, Dracula
  • The Non-Western Vampire (i.e. Black, Asian, Latino/a/x, African, Aboriginal)
  • The vampire on legacy television shows (i.e., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Moonlight, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals)
  • The vampire on recent television shows (i.e., First Kill, The Passage, Interview with the Vampire, Vampire in the Garden, Fire Bite)
  • Legacy Cinematic vampires (i.e., Nosferatu, Interview with the Vampire, Near Dark, Twilight, Dracula Adaptations etc.)
  • Recent Cinematic Vampires (i.e., Night Teeth, Morbius, Monster Family etc.)
  • Vampire Cultures and Contexts (i.e. vampire RPGs or other gaming universes, fan studies, graphic novels, Tik Tok & other social media platforms)
  • Vampires and the Marginalized (i.e., race, gender, sexualities, national origin)
  • Genres (i.e. Gothic Horror, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Steampunk, Early Readers, Children’s Picture Books, Young Adult, Erotica, Comedy)
  • Historic and contemporary vampiric locations and geographies (i.e. cemeteries, castles, cities)
  • The Horror Vampire, Byronic vs Hedonistic, or Horror vs Romantic
  • Vampire Studies (i.e., the vampire in the classroom, vampire scholarship)

And anything and everything in between!

To have your proposal/abstract considered, please submit your proposal/abstract of approximately 250 words at the Popular Culture Association Website. We also accept complete panel proposals of 3-4 people.

We do not currently accept papers from fledgling/undergraduate scholars, but you can submit your proposal to the Undergraduate Area.  We encourage you to get involved in our vibrant vampire community by joining one of our social media spaces and attending our conference events such as our business meeting. film screening, other roundtables, and sessions.

If you have questions, contact us at Also, follow us on Twitter @pca_vampires or join our Facebook groups PCA Vampire Studies and Vampire Scholars.