Psychology and Popular Culture - 2024 Popular Culture Association National Conference

deadline for submissions: 
November 30, 2023
full name / name of organization: 
Popular Culture Association

Psychology and Popular Culture

Call for Papers for 2024 Conference

The Psychology and Popular Culture area concerns itself with the ways in which popular culture both reflects and shapes the nature of our psychology.


The Psychology and Popular Culture area invites all interested persons to present papers on a broad array of topics inclusive of psychology and popular culture, such as:

psychological theory, Jungian arts-based research, depth psychology, analytical psychology, archetypal psychology, psychiatry, mindfulness, cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, critical theory, and interpretations of literature, film, gender theory, music, politics, or religion from a psychological perspective.


As examples of topics, the papers presented in previous years include:


 “The Portable Analyst”

 “Mememotion Regulation: An Experimental Investigation Into the Emotion Regulation Effects of Viewing Memes

 “Familiar Strangers in the Shrouded Forest: Stigma, Representation and Alzheimer’s Disease in Always (2021)”

 “Cold-Hearted: An Analysis of Mr. Freeze Through the Lens of Moral Development

 “Viewing Modern Socioeconomic Issues through an Ancient Lens

 “In the Jaws of the Merman: Celebrity, Beauty and the Female Artist”

“Sex Positivity in Sex Education

 “Learning to Raise a Young One: The Mandalorian and Parent Coaching”

Social Exchange Theory as Evidenced by Greenleaf’s First Lady, Daisy Mae Greenleaf

 “The Surface Pressure Behind Birth Order: Exploring Notions of Middle Child Syndrome in Disney’s Encanto

 “How Realistic are Recent American Media Portrayals of the Development of Expertise?”

 ‘“The Inner Light’: The Re-Membering of Soma in Star Trek: The Next Generation



For consideration, please submit a 150-300 word abstract.


For questions, please contact:

Area Chair: Margaret (Maggie) Mendenhall, PhD

Long Beach, CA