Women's Leadership Then and Now

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October 15, 2023
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Salsabil Fakkar/Hassan II University-Casablanca/Nemla
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Leadership is a subject of different studies and analyses that attempt to understand what makes a person a leader and how it is different from management. Indeed, social sciences, management studies, and even Humanities manifest great interest in leadership, its characteristics, roles, importance, and primordiality for companies and businesses' success. Hence, the important number of studies and analysis.

Besides those studies, feminists display significant attention to relationships between leadership and gender. They observed that the majority of leaders are men, and they asked why all leaders are men. To answer this vital question, many studies, surveys, and research were conducted to understand this phenomenon. Many responses were given, and many strategies and solutions were proposed to achieve equality and allow women to become leaders.

However other questions had arisen regarding this matter. Women can become leaders but only in specific domains, The question is: Why? This panel is intended to discuss leadership and equality by questioning the feminists, specialists, and researchers’ reactions to this subject. Is it overstated? Or in contrast, understated?

Discussion topics may include but are not limited to:

- Leadership

- Leadership and gender differences

- Women's Leadership in the STEM

- Feminism and leadership


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